So I gambled a Jekangbord...

I just picked up the xpac a week ago and rolled this crusader to 70. Been having fun with divine well fist of the heavens thus far. But tonight I got the Jekangbord shield after about 50 gambles and have switched to blessed shield. I have a couple questions about gearing and builds for this.

Firstly, what kinds of stats should i be prioritizing? How valuable are things like wrath regen vs cooldown reduction etc. Or should i just try to go for raw dps enhancing stats first and foremost?

Secondly, now that I have this shield that I've seen so many people talk about, what other kinds of items are generally a good compliment to it?

Thanks in advance.
Block chance
Blessed shield damage
You will want a nice 2 hander probably. I use a grandfather - gives me extra attack speed and over 1000 strength. Anything will do though, just need a socket and decent damage. BoP is especially good.

I find if I spend my paragon points into extra wrath on the core tab and resource cost reduction on the utility tab it helps a lot with resource management.

I also put points into cooldown reduction - mostly because it cuts down the recharge time on Provoke. You need something like provoke or shield glare or some other 2nd generator skill in order to keep the wrath up and thus the shield spam up.

Reapers Wraps can help with the wrath too.

I also recommend a SoJ and any extra +dmg to elites you can fit in on gear. My regular shields hit for 8-10m and bounce for 7-9m but against elites they hit for like 16-20m and bounce for 11-16m - and only thanks to a SoJ and a Hellcat belt.

Attack speed seems to be important. It seems to directly affect the speed of your bouncing shields. I use Punish: Celerity to speed up my shields as well.

I also max CHD in paragon in order to bring it more in line with my CHC vis a vis the old magic 10:1 ratio. eg. I have around 40% chc and 400ish chd.... but I guess every build does this anyway.

This build is working well, though I haven't ventured much further than t3 only because my toughness isn't quite there, but the dmg output should be good for t4+. Sometimes I wonder if, when I eventually do get a gyrfalcon to drop, will I be disappointed with the damage output and want to switch back to my 2 hander?

ETA - Oh and as for block chance, I don't sweat about it too much. Yeah it's good if you can get some, but not at too much expense to things like +elemental or +blessed shield or +cc/chd. My rationale is that block chance only improves the damage of the first shield hit, it will not increase the damage on the bounces, but those other things all will.

Then again - block chance will give you some damage mitigation as a bonus (though not a lot).

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