Fetish psychophants killing off zuni pets!

Witch Doctor
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05/13/2014 03:47 PMPosted by Controller
Please post below if you would like to get this fixed.

The cap on fetishes is causing fetish psychopahants to override my current zunimassa set bonus fetishes (fetish army).

It ruins the zuni set bonus, so please fix this.

A easy fix would be to cause the skills to kill remaining psychophants instead of fetish army pets.

Sign below.

who the heck reported this? weird, this is most def a bug. it sucks cuz i want to use my tiki torchers as I am a fire doc but i love the passive. As I can have 15 fetish up within seconds but they totally overwrite my fire fetish.
I jst finished the Zuni set this morning (w/rorg).. I'm not even gonna bother reroll or even putting it on after all this... Good to knw I finally got the set I was aiming for... It looks really nice in my chest... Next to all my crafting mats lol

pls fix. Zuni set is a big let down otherwise. Personally, I thought it would affect all fetishes, not just army, so I was already let down and then noticed this too :<
Well petitions don't work, I'm sure I've read from them before that they don't like seeing this type of thing.

I think this is just a bug or lack of foresight with the new pet cap. It'd be great if they would come out and confirm that's what it is, though. Perhaps they just don't want to say until they know if it'll be an easy fix or not.
check this link guys, already in the bug section:

fix please
Fetishes nerf.....

Damn those stupid non-WD players keep complaining WD all the time.

I finally got my set and had to switch back to FS because its just plain better with the way things work.

I think that Zuni may have been a bit overpowered but this just makes it so weak its not even worth using what was a top tier set just a few days ago.

I like the idea of FS being capped but not FA. I mean they are considered separete entities by a lot of items.

At the very least though they need to amke sure the FAs are not erased by weaker FS
Any update on this?, Is there a blue post saying its working as intended or a bug?
I am a new player and i chose WD among all others just because i was attracted by the zuni set bonus! agree!!!
there's another thread on the bugs section... Would really love a blue to explain this
please fix this.
made an endgame set worthless.
This sucks, they need to hot fix this ASAP
Agreed, haven't used my FA/Zuni gear since patch because of that.
Totally agree. And pls don't forget to add a fetish counter for FA and FS.
Until the fix, try a spec that works for me and does not require SMK http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/shkvaro-2154/hero/1016471
Agreed =\
Zuni + FS not fun anymore.
pls fix it.

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