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What is up with this being dead all the time. this game sucks. No matter what level, are the armor,
I die , no matter what I do. now my hatred is down to 126 , this is why cant this go up, as you fight new monsters, I am on level 66 and die way to much, this is suppose to be fun , Right? Make more slots for weapons, where are the charms , game is way to hard. very disappointed.
What difficulty are you on? When i went from Torment 1 at 60, i had to drop it all the way to Expert by 70. Once you're 70 and you re-gear, you can turn it back up.
Drop the difficulty down, and get rid of your sub 70 gear, you have a 48 ring equiped for crying out loud.
You need to gear up. Try putting it on normal then work your way up.
That amulet .
And those gems
You should not be using blue items past level 20, and you should have your main stat (dexterity) as well as vitality if you can, on nearly every piece of gear. You're wearing strength pants, and a bunch of garbage MF gear. Put amethyst in your helm, and emeralds in your chest/pants once you find level 70 stuff with sockets and the right stats.
We can see that you're very new. Welcome to the game =) Coming to the forums for advice was a good call.

Set your difficulty to Normal for a little while as others have mentioned.

Make sure that you're taking any gear you're picking up but not equipping to the blacksmith, not the vendors. Salvage them.

You should be able to craft some yellow 70 starter gear. Even rings and amulets (at the Jewelcrafter) are reasonable to make as starter gear now that they require Marquise gems instead of Imperials.

On that note, Demon Hunters never, ever gem for Int or Strength (which is what you get from those topazes and rubies in your Armor slots). They do next to nothing for you. Your choices for gems on slots other than Helm/Weapon are Emeralds for damage and Diamonds for survivability.

Weapon always gets an Emerald.

Helm gem is very much up to you. But the two which have the most impact on your character's power are Amethyst for health, and Diamond for cooldown reduction.

Your gear needs to have dexterity, every piece, no exceptions. Most pieces need Vitality as well. On slots like belt, boots, shoulders try to get some Resist All as well.

Once you get a little starter gear on you and you've got dex on every piece, play around with it for a while and see if it feels better, and get a better feel for the basics of the class and the game. Then, head out to the Demon Hunter forums and read/ask questions =)

Edit: And yes, I forgot this but as Ace mentions down below, join a Demon Hunter community in game as well.
Bro what do you exect runnin around in gear like that?

Set it to normal and get some gear man.
You'll definitely want at least a couple million toughness to play at any of the Torment difficulties.
You need more vitality. You only have 80K life. Have you upgraded your blacksmith to level 12 yet? Start crafting some level 70 gear. Play on normal for a while until you find better gear.
Join these communities:

Bounty Runz
Mat Farming
Rift it Forward

Do split bounties for an hour on normal. Then do Rift it Forward.

Mat Farming you can have that open all the time... get you some mats to make some 70 gear.
05/15/2014 01:41 PMPosted by Tiakatt
We can see that you're very new. Welcome to the game =) Coming to the forums for advice was a good call.

This is a Lie. When you do gear up I do not suggest coming here. Instead join a DH community like Demon Hunters United. You will avoid every single one of the trolls on the forums.
And by coming here to the forums he can be directed to those better places, as well as getting a little basic advice from those few of us who are not trolls ;) For a complete newbie, who knows nothing of the game, coming here is not a bad call and it's one a complete newbie may reasonably be expected to make. A newbie doesn't know about those communities, but they can reasonably expect that there are forums.
05/15/2014 01:31 PMPosted by snefruruler1
this game sucks
no, you suck.
your gear is terrible play normal until you find better gear
no shame in playing a lower difficulty...we all had to do the same thing to gear up.

you can try another class with better toughness like barb,crusader, or monk?
I don't understand why you are not face rolling T6 in that gear. I def think you should post on the forums with your frustration.
When ROS came out, I played normal until I leveled to 70 and then still never went over Master until I was geared well.

Believe me, the progression is better in this game right now- even better than just a month ago. Just grind a while on lower difficulties and gear up. Since you are now level 70, go to Adventure Mode. In Adventure Mode, if you run bounties in Normal - where you are powerful, you will get decent lvl 70 drops in game and out of caches. It wont take long, but you have to take some baby steps to get you ready for the big leagues.

If you farm Act 1 Bounties in Normal, there are nice Horadric Cache only drops that will help you a lot. There are nice bracers, a rings and shoulder armor that will help you on your way. Open a dozen or so caches and you should start getting some decent loot.
Like the pp's above said, replace your gems--amethyst in your helm, greens in your cloak, whites in your pants. You must have some better rings/amulets by now. Use them. Get rid of your blue gear. Even the crappiest yellows are better than your best blues. Play on normal for a while (a long while) and get some gear. We all had to do it.

Seriously, it took me forever to get to where I can even play T1 with my DH. I don't play higher than that with her because I still die and my buffed DPS is over a million. DH's are squishy, at least until they are better geared.

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