RNGesus's Prayer

Our father, who art RNGesus,
fickle be thy nature
Thy drop rate rise,
The crap drops cease
In Sanctuary, as well as in rifts.
Give us this day our daily legendaries,
and forgive us stupid rerolls,
as we forgive party members who salvage legs we need,
and lead us not to 2handers,
but deliver us from firebirds items.
For thine are the game mechanics, and the power, and the blame, for ever and ever.
- The Nel

"and lead us not to 2handers"

best thing i have read on the forums in a long long time.



sticky ;)
I am atheist no more! Sign me up. :p
I am going to recite this, religiously before going in game now :D
This is clever as hell.
+++++++5 amen
Can we have more??? You are good.
oh lolz
reciting the prayer has already been showin to influence loot tables in games created by level 34 chars.
Works like a charm, otw making new toon
Hail cache, full of mats
The Ring is with thee
Blessed art thou amongst bags
And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, the Ring
Holy bag, dropper of Rings
Drop it for us farmers now and at the hour of Kadala's death (because we snapped and choked a b****)
this thread is epic

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