Legacy Nats w/ -4 chakram chest

Demon Hunter
Hi I have a Nats Legacy set and the chest has 3 sockets with -4 Chakram cost. Can anyone think of a build to abuse this?

if you have 6 hatred/sec + 25-30% skill cost reduction (scr)

you should be able to throw those for at least 30 seconds without changing attacks.
I have one with -3 Chakram and tried lotsa builds. The main problem seems to be damage output. Layering damage with a tank build is actually very feasible with L4N up to T4. I didn't have the gear to take it up to T5 but I highly doubt it would have enough damage to be efficient there. Perma SS FoK build was fun, but once again, insufficient damage output wearing 3 pieces of lvl60 equipment.

Your best bet would probably be the physical build with chakram spamming. However, that build already has so many things tanking for you, you don't need the discipline as much, which renders the L4N sub-optimal.
Used to be able to fire lasers during RoS beta~ But not anymore :(


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