How to get a Ring of Royal Grandeur - RoRG

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Anyone tried farming other acts with this method?

I've been trying to get Illusory Boots in act 2 with no luck.

Maybe the cache specific legendary rate in act 2 is worse than act 1?

Also, why is this thread in the wizard forum? To avoid the goons in general?
06/02/2014 03:10 PMPosted by RectalFury
Quick question: on the community page in game it says do not kill anything you don't have to. Would this discourage the use of say Danetta's or TF? (i.e. items that will trigger effects that will most likely kill mobs/break things that don't necessarily need to be killed/broken). Seems like the name of the game with these rules is speed but just not clicking lootables if possible.

There's a very slight chance that breakables will drop legendaries, and they are globals. It's almost impossible to not break things, but you can certainly not purposely do it.

So yeah, I use TF for my speed farming Wiz, but I definitely have popped legendaries from breakables, but I try to minimize the global drop effect.
06/04/2014 02:55 PMPosted by icabod
Anyone tried farming other acts with this method?

I've been trying to get Illusory Boots in act 2 with no luck.

Maybe the cache specific legendary rate in act 2 is worse than act 1?

Also, why is this thread in the wizard forum? To avoid the goons in general?

People have posted their luck with A2 boots in here.

This is in the wizard forum because home is where the heart is.
I have no trouble getting cache legendaries playing normally, they are just never RROG (well one was, none of the others have been).

I've lost count of how many mad monarchs, pauldrons and gorgets I've seen, generally every split-bounty clearing session (filling all but the top row of my bag with caches) gets me 2-3 of those. The bracers seems less common but I've had a couple of those, and only 1 RROG.

So I suppose doing Junger rules might help if it's getting me more legendaries out of the caches (so 5-10 per bag full of caches), but if it's just to helm get any cache legendaries, I'm already fine, I just get the wrong ones.
Guys kinda of reluctant to write this why you may ask ? Well I do Ecomuntics as my jobs so numbers and probability is my job. Everything points to Junger rules being a load of garbage mathematically base on the information supplied by Blizz.
Hence but sadly they seems to work I have test for about 3 weeks now.
Basicly what I have done is the moment I log in I start bounties I only run for 1 Hr and 15 mins making sure not to kill anything if possible from this I have recieved 6 RORG off Normal 120 caches.
I did the same test with the same amount of caches but killed everything and received only 1 RORG normal mode 120 caches.
I also tried T2 only 40 caches killing everything and got ZIP..
So sadly it seems to be true which would mean there is a drop counter of some sort.
Guys, am wondering if the pity timer works on Kadala as well? Anyone noticed?
06/05/2014 10:38 PMPosted by Lexus
Guys, am wondering if the pity timer works on Kadala as well? Anyone noticed?

No, it does not, nor does the Anniversay Perma buff.
How can this work when i keep getting legies from bounty bosses and the rare in khazra den...
In the last patch, i have read that there is now a legendary item garanteed during the first hour.
So i think it is difficult now to reach the Pity timer of 1 hour.
When i log in, i try to do bounties in act 1 during one hour or more, but there is always one legendary drop during this time. I only do this for one week so i dont know if i have missed something.
How do you do now ?
Just to share my experience with that rule.

I tried with 3 different group, getting around 25 caches each group. I opened the caches after each farming session. I got around 3-4 legendary by group and one legendary was a RRoG each time. So, for farming around 75-80 caches, i got 3 RRoG.

I think there is a good chance it's working. I joined the community in HC today ;)
So I got my first RRoG this week following this method. No split farming or teaming up involved, just solo act 1 bounties on Torment 3. It really is quite simple. 4 caches total and also got the legendary shoulders.

Btw - am I ever glad they didn't make this an act III cache drop. If I had to clear the barracks regularly, I don't even know.
I gotta say, I play non stop act1 bounties and the only legenderies I get are total scrap materiel? Im a level 330 Wizard and I'd kill for something I could actually use! The pity meter isn't working for me lol, not at all...
was skeptical hippo of this at first

run T2 act 1 bounties for roughly 90 mins with some muck ups (i.e. opening bodies, clicking floors etc). Opened 7 caches and only got 1 leg ring but it was the Grandeur.

thanks OP
05/13/2014 09:01 AMPosted by Junger

Global drops – When Player A is in one zone, such as Fields of Misery, and Player B is another zone, such as Northern Highlands and Player A opens a chest. The chest drop is Global, meaning even though Player B is in Northern Highlands, if he teleports to Player A, there will be loot waiting for him from the chest even though he was not present at the time of opening. Hope that is clear as mud. Here is a list of Global drops: Chests, breakables, and lootable bodies.

Pity Timer –
We added a system in the expansion that tracks the amount of time you spend fighting creatures without finding a legendary and after a certain period of time will slowly start increasing the legendary drop rate. Once a legendary drops for you, actual item not crafting recipe or material, we reset that timer. This is meant to be a safety net so that the random can never be too extreme to the negative end. If players are legitimately going 18+ hours and not seeing a legendary it's possible that there are some bugs floating around that need to be identified.

So do the Global drops also count if someone in a different zone kills an elite? Or is it just for clickables that are global drops??
06/07/2014 12:00 PMPosted by cornelius
So do the Global drops also count if someone in a different zone kills an elite? Or is it just for clickables that are global drops??

Mobs only drop for you if you were in the vicinity when it died or you attacked it at some point. Notice when one of your party members runs off and kill an e or a gob you don't get anything? So, yes, just clickables. This also applies to rifts, so if you if are too far from your compadres (e.g. conduit shrine) check your minimap before you leave for the next level because a jeg could have dropped on the other side of the map.

About the rules, I've been trying to spam T2 bounties on my DH with no clicking, very few mobs kills and I still seem to always get a leg more than every hour. Damn spider queen giving me brims like heart of iron...
I joined this community around last week and had 2 sessions with other members. So far I was able to get RoRG on both sessions. 1st session with 14 caches, 2nd one with only 5. Although the rolls were not good, it was better than doing normal A1 with 40 caches and finding nothing.
Will definitely give this method a shot, particularly for solo A1 (and other act) running.

I must be in the small lucky minority. I (luckily) found 2 RoRG on separate occasions while running split farm runs with my clan in normal and only killing yellow\blue mobs and saving caches for later opening..never giving a single thought to timers\resets of timers.

Our goal was to get the most caches in the shortest amount of time.

When I solo farm for the caches, mostly get garbage (N-T3 no change). Very rare to find any legs at all pop regardless of difficulty level.

My point: Farming in multi player definitely makes a difference.

Thanks to Junger for your effort!
I joined the community this weekend and this is my experience:

I ran Act 1 on normal 5 times solo. On my last run, I got legendary boots to drop from a mob or breakable (I dont remember which).

I then joined the community.

I saw someone who was LFG for Act 1 on normal, and so I invited. We started to run through Act 1 and then I saw someone else trying to join, and because I am an idiot, I did not realize that I needed to accept their invite request (lesson learned as I only ever play with my friends). The person that joined then left and I got a group invite shortly after. I joined the group, which I was the 4th member.

We did about 15 runs. As I ran through, I was killing the least about of mobs as possible, not opening anything unless needed, and trying not to break anything.

When I was done, I started a T6 game and went to Act 1 (couldnt hurt right?). I opened 3 caches quickly and one them popped a ring. It was a RoRG (my first one). I continued to open the rest of the caches, and no other legendary items dropped.

I posted in the community that I got a ring and linked it.

The next day, I ran with another group of 4 for a little bit and got about 10 caches. I again went to Act1 T6 and opened them all. There were no legendary drops.

I will continue to do this, as I would like a RoRG with better stats. I am glad that I got one and will use it as soon as I have the gear I am looking for. And if I can get a better one, then that will be even better. This is just my experience and figured I would share.
Already had 7 (5 crap ones) rings drop. i opened the caches when i didnt get any other legendaries while running, guess i applied the junger's rule subconsciously.

gonna test the ring and for sure the gloves (most fun item in the game imho), maybe some other bounties

*puts on tin foil hat*



....let's wait for server maintenance to finish

Ran the A1 bounties on normal solo 3 times, left caches in storage for later opening. Avoided all chests, treasure pygmies (that was difficult). loose stones, bodies, weapon racks etc etc.

Ran 2 more with another player on normal, same rules as above and stored caches away. Total time was approx 1.5 hrs (roughly)

Unfortunately, no legs from any of the 5 collected caches. I definitely did not have any legacy or set items drop the whole time. Guess RNG is RNG is RNG and I just wasn't in the right place at the right time. On a positive note, got several rift frags and a couple souls.

Does anybody have suggestions\stats for standard creatures to avoid killing or have the lowest\highest chance to spawn legacy item drops? Obviously, avoid the yellow and blue mobs\guys. I was nervous to kill most creatures thinking they could drop a legacy when there was a bounty that required 100\150 kills. I found skeletons drop mostly white and grey items.

If you are hoping to get the RRoG, is it best to not wear a previously collected one, or it doesn't matter if its on your toon or not?

Thoughts \ suggestions?

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