The BEST spots for ALL Legendary Craft Mats!

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Its been awhile since i made/posted a video, so i worked my butt off and got a good one done for you guys!

I've made a video showing the best places to farm any of the Legendary Crafting materials, as well as showing what bounties there are for each item for diversity! I have every Craft mat drop recorded, so if anyone has bad luck, they wont lose hope! I also show screens of the equipment each craft mat makes, to inspire people to go out and farm for some recipes!

It's taken a good week to farm/film all the drops, as well as 3 days video editing. This is by far the best video i have ever made and it would be awesome if ya'll would check it out and tell me what ya think!

Without further delay, here's the link to the video :)

make sure to Subscribe if you like video, I hope this is a geat help to you all!
Many thanks toAngztelite Guide creator for all the info, and for inspiring me to get this video made! Your a Legend dude, keep up the good work!

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