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I'm looking for or hoping to spark the creative minds of vinyl magicians to produce a legendary icon and pillar vehicle decal. I'm thinking it would be just like what you see when you walk up to a legendary on the ground within the detail limitations of vinyl. I know Kinkos can make this stuff but it'll take an hour to explain what a legendary is. Arguably the star icon from the map would be neat as well but lose points for creativity. The star however would be as simple and emailing Kinkos the image. Anyone out there know of this or something similar already in production? Anyone have a vinyl cutter doodad and want to earn extra beans? I'm not a huge fan of stickers on cars but this is something that would be "IDENTIFIABLE" <ahuehue> yet not in your face politically or agenda based. Anyone who plays Diablo would instantly recognize it and I think it's a neat idea.

Thoughts? Maybe it's easier to do myself than I think? Appreciate your input.

*I hope this was the appropriate location for a post of this type.

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