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Hello, my name is Thingol and I'd like to introduce to you my project.

"Do you know what drops the most legendaries? Do you know which slot is fastest to find or do you wanna know, how rare is the item you always wanted? Just come in and see for yourself! We collect data from players like you, so for more statistics and for more precise statistics, you can join us and help out as well! All you need to do is to download a client, extract it and use it. No registration or installation required!"

Currently it have these features implemented:
- Submit a legendary or set item to server.
- Check drop-rates from specific source and for specific slot.
- View your items submited and check last 100 items dropped globally.
- Items can be submited anytime, it will be posted once comming online.

In future I plan on adding these features:
- Add more statistics to show for legendary items. (like exact drop chance, comparison with other items in same slot, ...).
- Improve GUI.

Come and check the website and see for yourself all the potential it has. You can do so here:
Please be sure to share your thoughts and ideas here or through the contact form on my website. Give it a shot and if you are pleased, promote it to your friends.

I'm sure we will meet in the Westmarch!

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