Viable Arcane Orb: Obliteration build?

Hey everyone,

I just started playing Wizard yesterday(friends had given me some gear, fulminator and triumvirate) So I had one of them power level me yesterday.

I want to do an Arcane build using obliteration, is anyone else doing this, or is it a bad skill?

I know I have a lot of gearing left to do, but I like being able to switch between characters.(Monk is(was?) my main, but they keep getting no love, so I built a DH, which is a lot of fun, but I decided I wanted a non DEX class as well, and the WD didn't interest me, even though I know they are strong)

Wizard is a lot of fun so far!
Hii Scrotie,

I think that Obliteration is a "bad" skill because you're only able to hit the a few enemys at the Front
and will therefore run out of arcane power too fast.

you could try to get the orb spammable, but that would only work at cost of lots of other important stats.

the fire/ligthning/frost Runes can pierce through enemys and dmg a lot more with the same arcane power.

if you find a mirrorball with +2 Magic Missiles you'll have a dmg output wich will be quite equal to Obliteration but without the use of arcane power

I'd recommend you to find a few items and adapt your build to them. =)
And when you found enough stuff think again what builds are possible

EDIT: found a friend that played with obliteration and magic missiles t4 so i guess it is playable :D. with enough arcane gear. soo try it :D
Yea I have been running an obliteration build exclusively since season 3 hit.

It does great damage and with cost reduction I can spam 10 orbs before I run out of arcane power.
Since you have to weave in magic missiles to keep focus, restraint and triumvirate up you do not run out of arcane power unless you are fighting a champion.

I regularly crit for 2 to 5 billion with an average of around 3 billion damage and if you use blackhole to group up mobs the fact that obliteration does not pierce doesn't matter.

So far when I run with other wizards running tals I easily blow their dps out of the water. They are safer and die less but I 3 shot or 1 shot most mobs or mob packs. However guardian fights are where this build shines and you will watch chunks of even 4 man level 45+ guardians life disappear with every orb crit.
yeah the trick to make obliterate work well is ether blackhole of energy twister with ranslors folly.

that ap spent pulling is well worth it.

i actually prefer it to fo, much longer range and travel time makes it better with zeis and bigger burst.
By no means is it a bad skill. It's great actually if you use ranslors folly bracers to group enemies.

I have to say that delsere 6 piece is a group build doing it solo is slow and could be painful, also it has no business in t6. But it's a great group build upto low 50s then the damage falls off.

Typical orb build:

Energy twister : wicked wind
Magic weapon :force weapon
Energy armor :force armor
Slow time :point of no return /time warp
Shock pulse: piercing orb
Arcane orbit :obliterate

Passives: glass canon, unwavering will, prodigy, unstable anomaly.

Gear: 6 piece DMO, triumvirate, any ancient one hander, focus and restraint rings. Also hell fire amulet or immunity amulet.

Gems : zeis stone of vengeance, bane if the trapped, gizzard
ammy: moonlight ward

bracers: ranslors folly

weapon: arcane goo or sk.

magic weapon: conduit for more ap management specially when mobs are groouped

instead of shocking pulse which is lightning use magic missile seeker to guarantee the focus n Restrain procs and is arcane.

passives: unweavering will is a waste ur almost never still, change that to power hungry or evo. if u use a anon arcane weapon u can use EE too.
I disagree that unwavering will is a waste but keep in mind that it's if I'm in a group because all you do is stand back and nuke. The passive with force armor will prevent a random one shot from jailer or tstorm.

Magic missile vs piercing orb: orbs pass through everything so I don't understand the focus and restraint issue since it's always up. Seeker only hits one enemy.

Ofcourse if you're playing solo unwavering will won't be doing you any favors.
playstyle differences then, i tend to stutterstep alot with ao builds so uw is barelly up. I use seeker coz of that since alot of mms will go astray. besides i dont find jailer or thunderstorm oneshotting me with force armour.

piercing orb does have the benefit of aoe and getting another ee stack in so yeah its another very viable option. It looses that 45-65% arcane damage boost, so less single target, and its pathing is a bit awkward.

Thing is the sig is there just for the trium and F & R stacks so it really is not important as the damage comes from the orbs.
I actually switched from FO to the Obiliteration rune since a few days ago. I find the combination with Ranslor's Folly (bracers) / wicked wind more fun and I can stay further away from enemies (more zei-bonus damage!). Cast bubble, throw ww inside and snipe the monsters away (keep a few sign.spells inbetween and before fights to have the full Trum.bonus at max all the time). Getting crits around 3 to 4.2b and have cleared public groups-grifts with it up to lvl 52.


Profile with eq:
If only obliteration was twice the size/AOE.

The problem with it is obviously AOE damage and it's AP cost. With power hungry you can load up 10 bombs and then spend your pool. That is probably where i'd start with a build around Oblieration.

DMO / Triumv are pretty much a given for the build as well.
I recently switched from frozen orb to obliteration.. I find it does just as much dmg as FO. AOE is less mind you but you dont need to be concerned with how far enemies are from you, since FO has less range and travelling speed than obliteration. On plus side Fo shreds enemies and has explosion at end. Which this is sometimes a little unpredictable. I run this with full delsere's set, F+R and Triumvirate.Resource management does come into play, so skills and gear will need to be adjusted accordingly to help. With my setup i have no problem regaining arcane once it is spent.
I must add that obliteration build does have a place in higher grifts, and t6 is a joke right now with current build. For me this works very easily in level 30 and 40's grifts. Just recently started low 50's, and is doable so far with proper group. Have not used solo in high grift yet. Build definately shines in groups and rift guardian battles.
Blizzard needs to cut the crap with this skill that no one uses and takes back the Arcane Nova rune once and for all.
I loved that blue blast. But I also like the oblit speed.

This thread is ancient, btw...
I use spectral blades that give me 2 AP with each hit, arcane orb obliteration and I use Back Hole event horizon to suck up elite affixes and explosions.

I have the Crown of the Primus cubed so that I get all the Slow Time runes. One of my favorite effects is that enemies get stunned when they enter or leave my bubbles. I can destroy a group of enemies on one side of my bubble while enemies on the other side enter and get stunned.

I currently have my gold find gear on (my amulet, chest, belt and bracers have been changed), but I do need to stack more Arcane bonuses on my gear.
My big crits are 10-12 billion.

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