Best Wizard Build!

Community Creations
Pabs Suk N Fuk Build!

Requires at least 50% Cooldown reduction (the more the better)
and also a decent amount of vital, intel and resist all

Used when rolling with a group of good dps characters on any torment level to provide all of the support needed

Skills: - Rune:
Magic Missile - Glacial Spike
Blizzard - Frozen Solid
Frost Nova - Cold Snap
Mirror Image - Duplicates
Black Hole - Event Horizon
Slow Time* - Stretch Time

***Slow Time can be switched out for Archon (Improved Archon) when soloing to provide all of the damage needed***

Unwavering Will
Galvanizing Winds*

***Galvanizing winds can be swapped out Cold Blooded for extra party damage or Dominance***

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