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+1. This is literally it. Thank you.
+1 signed.
+1 they should completly remove dodge and replace it for each point of dex give half the resist AND armor that 1 point of str and intel could give or maybe 33% or each ... or maybe redo totally the stats bonus .... way to weird to look at ppl stat and see one huge stats good vitality then 2 crap one with 70+/- in it xD no ?
+1 Signed. You nailed every point. Blizzard, please, stay a while and listen!
+1 Signed
+1 Signed
+1 Signed

+1 signed.

Thank you for this write up, address every issue with the monk class.
+1 signed
Thanks Druin for all the hard work in this post, as well as your mechanics posts. We have seemingly some of the best and brightest mathy type folks who call monks their home.

Personally, I am saving my Inna's, Storms and Sunwoko's in my stash, but I don't use any of them on either my lightning monk (my main) or my fire monk. For my main, in order to do T5/6, I have to use BTs, Aughlid's and Cain's. Not a class set piece in sight. And it took me forever because of the difficulties with secondary resists and OWE. Personally, I hate OWE and the way it forces us to gear our toons combined with the fact that it is mandatory in higher torments. OWE and STI are pretty much mandatory and after the nerf to STI, our main stat does not help our mitigation to the degree that it does for other classes and their main stats.

John Hancock'd and +1.
Thank you Druin for the work leading up to and including the post.


The main point you make that stands out is the comment on Dodge as a primary mitigation stat for a class.

The 6set bonus on the Monk superset is ridiculous, an afterthought and retards the game a bit.

I went, in vanilla D3, to a 383k unbuffed DPS running single LS and 420 AR, to a monk that basically plays the game like I did back in 1.03 but with a ton more dps. The only time I had to ever reinterpret my AR lvls at end game, back in vanilla D3, was when they they buffed plagued (about 1 1/2 years in?) and.... whichever other affixes were buffed along with that.

I'm saying I had supertuned my monk to the point where (with single LS) I could feel the strength of any affix roll on a set of champs (before they died). IE I could feel how powerful their reflect damage roll was.

In the process of tuning my monk (over 2 years), I would revisit passives out of interest/boredom/patches. So, when it was very much passe to do so, I would slot in "Resolve" as a passive and then be made fun of my anyone when they would tell me: "You know that Resolve doesn't help you against affixes like Plagued/Molten/Desecrator."

I was only using it to remind myself (over hours of gameplay) what the mechanics of the game were. To see if you could survive at a certain AR level. I found this much more interesting than trying out 2handers at lower MP lvls. (relate to Sunwoko comments)

Is there a reason why 2handers simply dont' roll 3k-3.5k dps?

Seize the Initiative used to be 100% (or was that 75%?) !! armor buff based on your dex right? It was nerfed to 50%, then now with lvl 70 end game stats, it is down to 30%. So it seems like in balancing their metric in the game, the devs have now come full circle.

If you're talking about dodge feeling like Russian Roulette instead of feeling like a mitigation Rogue tank in Burning Crusade owning Illidan (WoW comment), then perhaps it's not a complicated fix.

Back in vanilla D3, it was said... you either drop One with Everything, or you drop Seize the Initiative.

I would just finalize my own comments by saying I have gone from a crotch rocket bike to something that is not really quite an Azeroth Chopper.

(BoG) - We are the Banned of Gamers.
I'd also like to add, that for myself, I have found that the most efficient way to do T5/6 is in Monk only mirror groups. In this way, I can get the two defensive, runed mantra's, and the two offensive runed mantra's taking my toughness to 26 - 30 mil and my s-DPS to 1.2 mil with my e-DPS being over 3 mil. Without at least one other monk in the group T5/6 just hurts.
+1 Signed

and Eagerly awaiting the 2.1 patch where we are supposedly getting a bit of help

Hopefully we monks can rejoice in being as powerful as the rest of the classes in this game and enjoy it as they do. I have spent much time on my monk in this game and my little boy enjoys being a monks as much as me but it would be nice to be in a game and do as much dmg as the Wizard or Crusader wearing crap gear that play with us!


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