This Game Hates Me (Cindercoat)

My main is a fire wiz, so I have been trying to get a decent cindercoat. So, what has happened is my first Cindercoat I found, rolled str... and with no sockets. (This can be seen on my wizzy). I happened to find another cindercoat and it rolled dex and demonhunter skills with 2 sockets.

Does anyone know if Cindercoat is an item that has pure RNG into how the stats will roll, or will they actually use the Loot 2.0 mechanics and give int/vit because im rolling on a wizzy. If so, why are my cindercoats such trash?
I think you jsut got unlucky, are you sure you were playing your wizard? maybe you had to switch hero's and get an item from a mule but then gambled with said mule and got a strength item, i dunno just throwing the possibilities out there.

I think you just got unlucky however. That being said at least they dropped for you, i have a fire meteor build but i haven't seen a cindercoat since patch 1.0.5! In fact the cindercoat that dropped for me back then was what really got me into the wizard class for the long haul.

I know they sucked... but hey at least they dropped right, minor consolation there :)
Like all items, there is only a chance that Loot 2.0 will be applied to your item when created. Note that while this chance is significant, it's not a guarantee. You are unfortunately just very unlucky...
That blows, and yes, both these Cindercoats are level 70 version as my only 70 is a wizard. Hopefully third time is the one ive been looking for.
Sadly it seems just like a case of "Blizzard RNG"™. About an hour ago I spent my first blood shards on chests for my Wizard and about 40 shards in got a Cindercoat @ 19% Fire, 473 Int, 496 Vit, 523 Armor and 29% Fire Skill cost reduction. On the other hand I'm not approximately a dozen rolls in to switching the Armor to Sockets and have only seen a 2 socket roll and a 1 socket roll >.<
The game Decided:

- I'm going to give you a legendary
- I'm going to give you a legendary but NOT for your class (lol)
- I'm going to give you a Chest Armor
- I'm going to give you the BEST chest armor (cindercaot)
- I'm going to give you a cindercoat but only with 2 sockets, just to rub it in.

sucks man
I have been praying to the rng gods for a cinder to drop....ive even offered kadala a bribe for one...she is one expensive hoe... lol...2k shards n not one badly rolles cinder even

Ahhhh rng gods gimme a break
this item was ridiculously hard to find. the last item for my wiz to feel complete.

i spent 12455 shards (counted) and got 3 tal rashas, 2 vyrs and countless chaingmail/bt/heart of iron.

tonight she gave me one after i gave away a vyr's chestpiece.

loot-karma XD
ive been spending my shards on velvet camarel, but hoping for a vyr's chest to drop, in the mean time I've had 5 cindercoats drop, and given 4 away to other mages. just be patient, it's not a rare drop at all.

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