Vyr's set damage type

Hey when running the 4 piece bonus on Vyr's set, what type of damage does archon do? Finally got my 4 set today and want to know what other things i should roll on gear to compliment it.
I believe the elemental damage is based on the rune you choose for your Archon
If i'm not mistaken, the changes in the last patch made it have all dmg types, so that EE was constantly proccing with the four piece.
The damage type of archon is based on your highest boosted elemental type of gear worn when turning into archon.
Really all damage types? That seems awesome if it's true.
Ahh found it in patch notes Djentleman was correct, it is highest boosted elemental type.
No, not all dmg types. With 4 piece Vyr's only the HIGHEST boosted elemental affix to your gear is what determines you elemental type of archon. Unless you aren't using Vyr's which then takes on the element type of the rune you choose.

Edit ^^ beat me to it.
Uhhh... but what if your elemental boosts from gear are exactly equal or you have none? How does the tie break?

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