Lightning build theorycrafting

So I don't have the gear to do this, but if someone does and wants to try this and post a vid that would be awesome! The idea is this:

Required Gear

1) Fulminator or Shard of Hate or Thunderfury

2) Velvet Camarai

3) Myken’s Ball Of Hate

And of course lightning gear, with as much CDR as possible, as well as attack speed.

The Build!VdZb!acbcaa

There is plenty of room to switch out some stuff for whatever you prefer here, but the basic idea is the very rapid lightning dmg to cc and should do pretty descent dmg as well, and the archon should take care of elite packs etc. With enough CDR this basically becomes a pure archon build anyways, just with lightning. With the wiz hat and source, the cc from chain lightning should be pretty awesome.

Anyways if someone has the gear to do this, please post a vid, I think it would be an awesome build and would love to see it in action, sadly I have yet to find any of the required pieces for the build.
Someone around here is running around with a similar build (Malakai?).

I've been running lightning the last couple of days. It took me a while to find a spec that I felt good with. Overall, I settled on lightning bind build. The immense control you get from the Root + Paralysis proc means a lot of time elite packs never even get the chance to touch you. There's a lot of unexplored territory there....
yea i saw malakai's build and its kinda cool, but i think archon could really bring up the clear speed if done properly.
I have all the gear to do it (including the Vyr's pieces) and have been messing around with it since the patch. I even mentioned it as an option in the video post I made. It works very well, there's no doubt about that. I just don't really like Archon is all, and how every end-game build is now pretty much forced into using it after the changes to be the best they can be. I mean, you don't HAVE to use it of course, but if you're not it feels like "You're Doing It Wrong". And I don't like that.
From Experience:

Magic Weapon - Force Weapon > Electrify
Electrocute - Forked Lightning > Chain Lightning (20 Electrocutes sound good until you realize they decrease with each jump and end up doing nothing)

I didn't have nearly enough CDR when I tried Archon and it was down far too much so I went with a Serpent Sparker / Tasker and Theo Lightning Hydra as my spender and I enjoy it. Electrocute builds have to have something for single targets.

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