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The pets can be classified by whether they are affected by character sheet attack speed (AS) or not.

Affected by character sheet AS
  • Sentry
  • Call of the Ancients
  • Phalanx
  • Unaffected by character sheet AS
  • WD pets
  • DH pets
  • Hydra
  • Mystic Ally
  • The actual AS formula under the influence of Tasker and Theo (T&T) is Character_AS*(1+TnT_AS/100)

    If WD casts Big Bad Voodoo, the actual AS for WD pets is Character_AS*(1+T&T_AS/100+0.2)

    One of the most important attributes of the pets AS is that their frames are the multiple of 6.

    For pets that scale with character AS, it is thus important to know the attack speed breakpoints. With the aid of video recording and analysis. It is quite easy to obtain each pet's basic frame (AS=1).


    With the knowledge of the basic frame, we are then ready to know the attack speed breakpoints for each kind of pets

    0.98182 54f
    1.10205 48f
    1.25582 42f
    1.45946 36f
    1.74194 30f
    2.16001 24f
    2.84211 18f
    4.15385 12f

    Ancients and Phalanx
    0.98361 60f
    1.09091 54f
    1.22449 48f
    1.39535 42f
    1.62163 36f
    1.93549 30f
    2.40001 24f
    3.15790 18f

    It should be noted that the effect of Tasker and Theo is multiplicative, it is thus possible to attain the attack speed of 12F for the sentry.

    For pets that are unaffected by character sheet AS, the pets AS is influenced only by the Tasker and Theo. However, due to the fact that the frames are the multiples of 6, there is only a few breakpoints.

    ____________Basic Frames___T&T AS Bonus___Actual AS
    Fetish__________ 54f_________40%~49%________42f
    Dogs/DH pets_____60f_________40%~50%________42f
    (exclude Ferrtes)

    For pet WD, the BiS T&T is 50% AS bonus (40%~49% makes little difference)
    For sentry DH, the ultimate goal is 18f for the sentry, which is quite easy with the help of a good T&T.
    I forget to mention the hydra. The AS of hydra is a little bit different from other pets. The average tick frame is 30f. However, the tick interval is quite variant. T&T would proportionally increased the tick rate. There seems to be no obvious breakpoints for the AS.
    Phalanx/Bowmen has a faster base attack rate. I clocked 7 volleys in 5 seconds@1APS, which works out to about 42 frames per attack (if your 6 frame multiplier is correct)
    I do not fully understand your rating system. How does attack speed translate into the frames?
    Cool stuff here.

    I was about to look into a bowmen build myself, and this guide is awesome for giving me a starting point to investigate and verify breakpoints.
    I appreciate the op's work.
    Wow thanks, i can now get rid of some wasted para points in AS for my barb as i was following the sentry bps/fps for my ancients, i was aiming for 1.74 bp for past week but now that its significantly lower then that there's no need. Thanks OP!

    Also what's standard bps for melee(barb to be specific)? Im hitting 1.20 atm, more with pain enhancer buff, but I'd like to know if I'm hitting any bp or what i could aim for to get a few more ticks on ww.
    OP - do you know what the corresponding APS is for each breakpoint for bowmen? I can see this in the 'tao of sentries' thread for sentries, but curious about phalanx. TIA
    Is this still the case? Do WD pets still not benefit from attack speed?
    We pets dmg increased with the wd's attack speed
    How does the math work behind the breakpoints? Assuming Ancients have a 60f base speed, the math would make you think the 18f break point was 3.34 attack speed, but he says it is 3.16. Is it a rounding thing?
    11/12/2014 06:56 PMPosted by Razorphilia
    Is it a rounding thing?

    Yes, since frames don't have fractions (like seconds do), all fractions are rounded.
    06/03/2014 05:55 PMPosted by Hunter
    Phalanx/Bowmen has a faster base attack rate. I clocked 7 volleys in 5 seconds@1APS, which works out to about 42 frames per attack (if your 6 frame multiplier is correct)

    Can anyone confirm this? If so, how does it change the values for the char sheet aps necessary to hit the bps?
    Can someone explain "frames" for those of us that are a bit slow?

    Is it literally a rendered frame to the screen? or....?
    11/27/2014 05:54 AMPosted by VaPatsFan
    Is it literally a rendered frame to the screen?


    11/27/2014 05:54 AMPosted by VaPatsFan

    D3 runs at 60 fps (its coded to run at 60 fps, no matter what fps you play it on), which is convenient because there are also 60 seconds in 1 min.

    This fortuitous coincidence becomes somewhat less happy when it comes to measuring events in fractions of seconds, since 1.5 seconds is a real unit of measurement, whereas 1.5 frames is not (thinking of Eadweard Muybridge's *Horse in Motion* may help you conceptualize this--if you ripped one of those photos of the horse running in half, it would look like you skipped a frame in the sequence as you watched the moving image of the horse running).

    I suppose you could eliminate this problem by coding the game to run at 600 frames per second, but that sounds like an impossible amount of work and, at some point, you will run into the same problem with hundredths, thousandths, etc, etc.
    Thanks for this post. It is possible to get to the 12f breakpoint with Call of the Ancients as well.

    4.61539 12f

    I have Tasker and Theo at 50% attack speed increase.

    Working backwards to find required attacks per second to reach breakpoint:

    4.61539/1.5 = 3.076923

    Weapon native attacks per second is 1.48 for Little Rogue and The Slanderer (6% AS on weapons). Now calculating required total attack speed increase required to reach breakpoint:

    (3.076923/1.48 - 1)/100 = 107.9%

    Attack speed increase from my current gear and paragon points is 53%. Attack speed increase from Little Rogue and The Slanderer is 30% at max. Wrath of the Berserker attack speed is 25%.

    53% + 30% + 25% = 108%

    There are other ways to do this with leg gem and AS on other gear.
    Sorry to necro this, but THANK YOU. amazing.
    Does Phalanx attack speed changing if you buff it during their fight?

    For example: I cast Phalanx, then cast Laws of Valor +7(15)%AS.

    Upd. Now I checked: damage and critical buff works: when I cast Akarat's Champion - damage increasing, and Laws of Valor +100% critical damage also takes effect.

    So does the attack speed I guess?

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