My Cold Wizard Build Guide Patch 2.0.5

You can squeeze Aughild's, Tal's, and Vyr's into a build. My stats didn't roll so hot but they could be any stat. I just put them on for illustration. MBall swap with LoG, bam, ice beam, too.

Edit: Changed my profile already: Vyrs Boots/Pants/Gloves, Aughild Shoulder/Helm, Tals Belt/Ammy/Source/Helm (pick 3 of 4)
Hello guys,I have tried this build out, but i cant seem to run T5 efficiently. You can view my profile wizard, what did i miss out from this build?
Always love seeing cold build threads

Just wished I kept the bits of cold gear previously used and salvaged when moving to fire. Yesterday found a magistrate and now regretting big time. Will keep farming / crafting for cold gear and then try this out

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