Fix Gargantuan AI

Witch Doctor
I've got a pretty good pet build going, and I have started using the gargantuan with the wrathful protector rune (lasts 15 seconds, but does 575% dmg). This is a great rune, but the issue I have with it is the AI of the gargantuan. A lot of time it stands around for 3-5 seconds EVEN WHEN an enemy is in clear range and there's nothing blocking the path. Moving around to "leash it" in the right direction usually fixes it but not before losing some precious seconds of damage time.

Please make the gargantuan AI a bit better, prioritizing it's position and path over other minions. It makes the rune a big let down if I get some bad pathing luck :(
I've had him stand in one place and then walk in 2 directions before the time ran out. Didn't attack anything. I just use one of the standard ones or not at all. It's been like that for so long too and they still haven't fixed it. I think it started at 1.0.5. There was some patch where they dropped how aggressive pets were with attacking monsters that haven't been engaged yet and to avoid dogs running after the treasure goblin first.
Totally agree. use Gargantuan as a burst ( wrath rune) now. he is brainless because he is zombie?( or only muscle in his head)

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