Normal Chests vs Resplendant Chests

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I am more excited about finding a normal chest than a Resplendant one.

True or False
Don't really get excited about any type of chest or breakable.
Polls are not allowed on the forum. True or False.

Also, false.
Well I get more legendary drops from regular chests.. But that is likely just a result of volume. I have gotten 2 legendary drops from a single resplendent chest twice since RoS.

So.. False?
No chest excites me....

I found my nats slayer from "Loose Stones"
Loose stones and white chests are by far more rewarding than resplendent chests. Sure, volume is partly to blame, but a resplendent chest is still just a spot to pick up a couple yellows, a couple blues and some gems. You pick up so many white chests that they just end up being more worth your time than resplendent chests.
The leg drop rates for Res Chests and Gobs is so surprisingly low. I used to get so pissed when I couldn't get to the gob in time but now it's like, oh well couple fewer yellows to salvage.
When they fixed resp chests they should have made them drop at least 2 imperial gems.

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