Nemesis Bracers spawn predetermined champ?

Bug Report
The champ spawned by my nemesis bracers inside rifts are always Fallen Masters. Why doesn't it spawn more types?
most likely unintended/lack of coding.
Yea why cant it be ranged champ packs that all run in different directions when the shrine is clicked...

It's possible that there's a bug. I'm going to move this over to the bug report forum so that the right folks can take a look. Thanks!
Some health link, nightmaring Barbed Lurkers? Mmmmm, sounds fun.
Wait so not everyone gets the same champ pack? Mine are always Fallen Master. The minion mob is usually either the large whirly thing from act2 (dune dervish?) or the lacuni slasher.
I can confirm this it happened to me and others when im running in parties with Nem bracers as well. Always seems to be the same.
Hmmm...I really haven't noticed what they are (I usually hit the shrines when there are already a bunch of mobs around so I can maximize my cooldown skills) but I'll take note from here on out.
I could certainly see something interacting between "Summon X kind of elite pack" from the bracers, and the limited monster pool in each rift level.
I just checked with some clanmates, they always see the same champ pack as I do in RIFTS - the main champ is a fallen master ( I don't have any data points for outside rifts.
Yep same here. It's always a Fallen Master as the main mob, and the three little ones are about 90% of the time the large swirling act 2 mobs, and 10% of the time those things that explode in poison.
I always get Fallen Masters to the point where I dont even bother anymore
damn it OP. Now instead of easy-to-kill well-behaving fallen we are going to get Mosquitoes and Ghosts. Thanks!
This is indeed a bug that we are aware of. Thanks for the reports about this!
but who care?

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