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06/07/2014 11:34 PMPosted by Haybaler
06/05/2014 03:50 AMPosted by peterned

What more do you want?

It has become a national sport to flatout deny anything blizzard says in response to the torrent of conspiracy theories regarding drops. They can't win, this community is poisoned beyond help.

For what it's worth; To me the drops feel the same ever since the anniversary buff. Sometimes multiple legs per rift, sometimes none, sometimes immediatly getting the reroll I need, sometimes not.

It's just a game man, lighten up.

I'm with you, I get many drops still. In some rifts I have gotten 3 -5 Legs. Blizzard does us right and still people complain. It's about time to show some appreciation don't you think ?

thank you for posting this, so all is just misinformation
06/08/2014 02:26 AMPosted by Icem
Buff is not the same as the anniversary.

Buff?? lol
I'm not one to feel there is any type of conspiracy....but I wanted to add to what other people are saying.

Before the 1 week anniversary buff I was getting 1 legendary every 1-2 rifts. Rarely would I see 2 per rift. I rarely (if ever) got any set pieces. My Wizard got 1 wizard set piece in 200+ hours of playing.

During the anniversary buff I was getting 2-3 legendaries per rift and over the course of the 7 days I received multiple set pieces from various Witch Doctor sets. It felt like I could progress. I also saw multiple legendaries and set pieces from Kadala over the course of thousands of blood shards. I have been gambling for TnT for the WD but still haven't seen a pair. I got 3 sets of Magefist, Frostburn and a few Gladiator Gauntlets along with (2) Jade gloves. Going for all gloves as I'm still in search of TnT.

Since the anniversary buff has ended I have received ZERO legendaries or set piece gloves from Kadala. Still going for TnT. I have not seen a single legendary or set piece...Not a single one....and this is with another 7000 to 8000 shards. I play solo....and I understand RNG...but noone will tell me Kadala hasn't been nerfed significantly. There is no way that after a legendary or set every 300 shards or so (during the buff) that I can get zero in 20x that many. I just don't understand. I know people will say 7000 to 8000 shards isn't a huge amount...which its not. But...not to see a single legendary or set AFTER seeing 1 every 300-500 shards is rough. And its continuing. My luck isn't changing.

And since the buff has ended I have gotten some legendaries.... I'm back to about 1 legendary per rift (some are zero). Rarely do I get 2 per rift. I have also gotten only (1) set piece drop since the buff ended, Blackthorne's necklace.

I don't mind RNG...if its truly RNG. I have had 3 Woj belts drop, 4 Thundergods Vigor and multiple other belts. In fact 80% of my drops are either belts or 2 handed weapons. This is over the course of the 1 week buff and after.

I'm back to seeing a legendary belt drop in a rift then wanting to log off as I know my next drop won't be until the next rift and it will most likely be a belt or a two hander.

Edit: Another 450 shards on gloves this AM before legendaries or set gloves. 3 rifts...2 legendaries in one rift, 1 each in the other two. The one with 2 had a dexterity Pig Sticker. I don't mind useless I can shard them...but still... :)
MAde gearing 100 x more fun thanks blizzard so much
Rift wash repeat and get nothing for your efforts instead of crappy legs which appear to be the same I get over and over and over... game over.
Wish they'd at least mention something here or comment on this. It's been weeks, and I'm still getting prebuff drop rates. Everyone keeps saying its RNG, but there is no way that the drops don't happen consistently being due to RNG this whole time.

Can blizzard please comment on what they actually made 100%? Did they do the buff to prebuff rates, what was the rate before the buff? There is no way that they kept the buffed drop rate.
well after a few months of not playing d3 this explains why i got 3 legendaries earlier today in the same level lol
Maybe it's just a streak of bad luck or they need to "reset" their RNG i don't know, but i have been getting like 20+ 1handed/2handed axes in these couple of days. And the very random drops of 2 handed staffs and DH cloaks. Makes me wonder if smart drop is acting weird too.

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