Anniversary Buff Update

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Thank you so much for this Blizz :)
HOLY F#@($%& S*$&%!!! THANK YOU!! Diablo 3 all summer long!!
Very nice. Team 3, I salute you.





Joke, good news :)
Thank you!!!!!!
Based Blizzard!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks! :")
Oh crap, I've already bought 10 bags of popcorn and 2 sodas, all for nothing.

What am I going to read on the forum for the weeks to come?

Well, life goes on, obviously.
Best decision ever made since RoS released. Props to Blizz.

I am wondering if double rift stone drop still effective thou?
Nonetheless, good move, good move.
Awesome, I would have given up without this to be honest.

And thanks for listening to the community.
This will allow quicker breaking into low to mid Torment levels, and with the chance at getting an upgrade after that still being fairly low, it at least allows us a higher income of mats for re-rolling and crafting.

I know it's hard to find a good drop rate balance and there will be naysayers, but to me, this means the possibilities become a bit more open without a definite guarantee of anything, and that's fine by me.

I would like to know though if Kadala is being affected by this.
Woohoo!! Thanks Blizz! Now running more toons will be fun! Much <3
05/21/2014 05:34 PMPosted by Tyreal
I find it hilarious that people actually buy into this stuff and believe whatever they type onto a keyboard into a forum.

How do you or I have proof that this "legendary drop rate buff", is still existent to the same extent it once was (which again we have no idea what that number or rate is)?!

Just crazy to me how everyone just buys into these posts like it's genuine proof that it's true.

Do you realize the drop rates could have been increased by 100%, but as I'm sure many of you have read before, 100% of 1 is only 2.

We obviously know the drop rate for legendaries is low so to say they increased it 100% wouldn't really mean much, and they could just be tweaking the rates/number behind the scenes daily, or WHENEVER they want.

They could just be weening us off the "higher drop rate" to a "similar" rate due to the infinitesimally low numbers of each legendary to drop.

Call me crazy or whatever you want, but my teachers and parents always taught me to ask questions. To never believe anything you're told unless you know it to be true (though legit proof and research).

These buffs are just words. We have no numbers and are just being told things over and over and believing it like we're mind controlled robots playing their game to, "test" these buffs/nerfs/drop rates/or whatever the case is.

My two cents...

WHAT A BUFF KILL!!! Deal with it!


Thanks for listening !! :)
Blizzard should always keep this <3 <3 <3 Now that legendary items cannot be shared, veteran and newbies should have opportunities to obtain these unique items :-D This makes the game even more interesting and less tedious to play <3
nice this will shorten the games life span by at least 6 months. this personally makes me happy as it increases my irl life span
Thank goodness. The drop rate was so bad before that without this buff I would've quit playing. Thank you for listening Blizzard.
05/21/2014 05:33 PMPosted by Stilbow
Terrible Idea..Now people will be getting everything even when they dont put the amount of time into it like others have...Is it really more fun to get all the items you want in a week ? ..

You apparently don't realize that finding the actual great legendary items is still going to take quite an effort, especially if you want one with great rolls.
That's great... Just what I had hoped for... I'm sure the Admins and Devs will see play among players has not dropped off like in the past... People will want to run rifts and do bounties hoping for the last piece to the set they have been hacking and slashing for...

I am looking forward to killing many MANY more demons...

OH YES, thank you. These drop rates just feel right, considering there is no trading.

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