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thank you.

now I need more stash space for all the extra leg, lol.
Finally! Maybe I can as a casual gamer(5-6hrs a week) I can find some good gear. I lost my last character in T1 because I didn't have good enough gear and was tired of farming Normal mode and never seeing any good drops for DAYS.

Thanks again for listening to the community about keeping the Anniversary Buff.
The first widely popular blue post I've seen in forever. Thumbs up blizzard. Finally turning it around!
Oh my god
05/21/2014 05:04 PMPosted by Travis Day
Hello folks,

I come bearing exciting news. Due to the overwhelming popularity of our Anniversary buff we have decided to keep the increased Legendary drop rate once the Anniversary celebration ends. Once the buff is disabled [url=""]tomorrow morning[/url], you will find that the new base line drop rates for Legendary items will be the same as those you have all enjoyed for the last week.

Happy hunting and link the loot!

And this is the reason Mr. Day is The Man. Technically, I'm the man, but he's almost right there with me.

It doesn't solve the problem with the loot, but it is in their best interest money wise. This keeps people playing, but more importantly, makes them (for the time being) less bitter and more likely to tell their friends how awesome the game is.

I wish I could email him some ideas from one game designer to another.
Thanks for the info!
does this also mean the key frags for rifts will stay or are they going back to normal?
I am very glad to hear this.

Thank you for giving us an awesome present for D3's anniversary.
Wow didnt see this coming.
Wow nice!
Hot damn. Let the Oranges hit the floor...
This is great. Highly appreciated.
how can I quote all of the above...nice!
Travis, can you please check out my thread here:

I know it's a long read but I really feel deep in my heart this would be awesome!
I love you, all HC players love you. Now I can gear multiple characters with the full workload of a grad student. Awesome!

Good move Blizz!
AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!
*does a celebration dance* :D

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