Anniversary Buff Update

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Two thumbs up blizz.. ;)
Wow that is a real surprise to hear. Much thanks.
Let me add my voice to the swelling chorus:

Thank you very much!!!
Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus
what about the gold !
Please keep the gold droprate.
Awesome news.

Thanks Travis.

This makes the game much more enjoyable.
now just need to increase the drop rate on certain legendaries like wand of woh so I can actually get it. This increase in drop rate doesn't change much for me...
And now I will continue playing this game for the foreseeable future.

Well played Blizz.

Thank you
Thank you Blizz!!!!
Thank you!

This last week made me feel totally fine with boa. I wanted to build an archon wiz and I was able to! I'm nowhere near finished, but being able to get a set within a week of playing was great.

Thanks for listening and responding to all of our feedback.
LADDER, ok then.

because people liked the buff so much, we decided to make it permanent

uhh can i get a 3500 dmg weapon ? i would really really like that as well
And everyone says that Blizzard doesn't listen to it's player base.

Eat this post, you dirty naysayers! :)

I welcome this.

Thank you, overlords!~
<3 blizz. thank you for listening!
Wow. This is big.
wow this is pretty downright awesome :D

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