I have spent 30,000 blood shards on orbs...

And despite having awesome versions of every other orb available (including a good Winter's Flurry..which is supposedly a 2% item..), I have yet to get a +2 Mirrorball - the single item I have wanted most since hitting level 70 on Day 2 of RoS.

Kadala HAS been kind enough to grant me 5 +1 Mirrorballs, though.

Seriously - rolling this item is the WORST.
got 3-4 +2's from Kadala using 2K~ish shards.

Yes - most people I know have good ones.

I have, however, managed to get 10+ Myken's at this point (which is equal rarity).
funny i got every orb from kadala except winter flurry and 3 2+mirrorballs.

and i highly doubt you've spent 30k purely on orbs.
Look at my profile. 32k spent. I took a break for 2k to get a Cindercoat, which I lucked into getting quickly.
18k shards for me. Four +1 mirorballs...

I got it by dropping into a random public game in which it dropped for someone who already had it...

My consolation: I got my cinderocat in less than 300 shards after getting the MM ball
Took me a ton as well, not sure exactly how many, but a lot.

Had 7 +1 MBs from either her or rifts, then got 4 back to back to back to back +2 MBs. Each better than the last. Wearing the best one now. Hasnt been rerolled at all.
I stopped counting after 5k shards but it was significantly higher until I got mine. I just got a 2nd one last night while trying for a Tal Rasha or Firebird offhand.

In the time that I got my first +2 mirrorball, which was my first mirrorball from kadala period, I had gambled 4 winterflurrys which are supposedly more rare than the mirrorball.

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