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Barbarian 2014
Barbarian II 2014

As I mentioned in this weeks wallpapers on Thursday I would make a new mobile wallpaper, and in this case I've made two! This time i figured I'd use some of my art i use in my wallpapers to tweak a nice new not-fiery-runes wallpaper with a more simple framed piece showing off the art of the classes. My plans are to have the male and female versions of the classes and their artwork used here. This is made with the feel of the Year Two wallpaper but also trying to pull from the old Barbarian 1-4 iPhone wallpapers from 5 years ago.

I hope they look nice and clean on everyone's wallpapers and that I've given justice to the artists original work and piece.

See you guys next week with a new Soulfyre wallpaper.


Barbarian Art by Wei Wang
All Art (C) Blizzard
Background texture behind the des systema alchemy by WingsOfAHero

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