I'm starting a new clan called.....

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05/29/2014 07:27 PMPosted by GoPies
05/29/2014 05:46 PMPosted by Ryoka
What the hell is that? I use real belts - Witching Hour.

Ok I'll give you that one, it's not like Kadala is over stocked in WHs when I front up.
But if it has to be a hellcat I'll take the roll I got.

I still want to see your armor roll better, after all your Tals is shinny enough it deserves it.

I just found a Hellcat will almost similar stats to you GoPies but I have to re-roll Intel up to 500.
I got Vit up to 495 and IAS 7.0% and Increase damage to elites by 5%.
Also rolled Physical damage resistance as well.
But instead of Monster kills exp I got..life after kill around 4000 or say.
I'm not wearing my new Hellcat so far since I need to get more FS to enchant it...so I'm still wearing the Hellcat previously found.
The only difference between my old one and my new one is extra Vit and more dmg to elites and life after kill for some healing.
Also prefer to have more physical resist than poison resist which I think is better overall.
@MaskedReaper, gratz. I agree with you on the physical res too and the only blemish on mine really is the +experience.The reason I raised my hellcat (caus' Ryo asked "I have this one reallllyyyy god item") is that at least for the primary stats its the only item I have that's perfect rolls. Buy hey, looks like Ryo wouldn't let us in his "clan" with these belts anyway. He's going make me get my magefist out next.
Cool thread bro. Let sum it all up for y'all...

"The Awesome Abend Clan"....because, like, I have an awesome abend.

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