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05/28/2014 11:57 AMPosted by PidgeyQT
Because they legitimately paid for it and would like to enjoy their purchase?

They legitimately paid for a game designed by the game developers. Make no mistake, you did not nor do you now, design this game. Whether you personally find certain aspects of the game fun or not doesn't mean the entire game design should cater to your needs. This is not YOUR game. This is the still Blizzard's game that is being developed by their developers.

05/28/2014 11:57 AMPosted by PidgeyQT
Yes... which brings us to the point made in this thread. The OP and myself, and anyone else posting in this thread that has agreed with the OP are trying to point out that we do not think it is the CORRECT game design decision to FORCE players to do !@#$ they don't like. Yes, currently, it is part of the game. But we would like it to not be that way.

You know, there isn't some rulebook in the Blizzard offices that says "you must arbitrarily gate content behind other bull%^-* just because". They can change it.

They aren't arbitrarily gating the content behind other bull!@#$. They are deliberately gating rift content behind bounties because they legitimately want these two aspects of the game to have some synergy to them. The content is designed such that bounties lead to rifts.

Let's say that remove the bounty requirement for rifts, does that improve the game? Your answer will be yes, but that's why you aren't a developer. It's an incredibly simpleminded answer to feel that just because it might improve your gameplay, that it will improve the gameplay overall.

Simply removing the synergy aspect of the rifts and bounties will have a substantial effect on the gameplay overall. Entire aspects of the game like Split Bounties or even bounty caches will be lost or degraded because you are losing a part of the reward of bounties.

This is also why Blizzard doesn't want suggestions from players on how to fix problems but rather wants opinions on gameplay. They will evaluate these game decisions and make worthwhile changes that maintain the original values of the content. For example, they've already made multiple changes to bounties to be more worthwhile, both from more rewards from harder content as well as general loot tables.

If you are of the mind that no matter what they do, you will always hate bounties, then as a developer, I'm going to ignore you. You provide me with no frame of reference for what the problem with bounties are. You give me no insight into what you potentially like about them to build from.

This is honestly the reason that this entire thread is completely worthless to the developers. It doesn't highlight anything that they can use to make the game better. All it does is highlight players myopic desires.
bump if you like -> http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12944314341

Your suggestion basically says, "Screw bounties I hate them I only want to rift". When you take away the key fragments, everyone who actually enjoys doing bounties are now 'forced' to rift for the increased drop rates.

I personally like doing bounties but there's no real incentive for me to do them anymore. With the changes I suggested in the above link, you can embrace RiF and pick your own flavor.
I feel like I've played enough characters to max level. I shouldn't have to be forced to play characters to max level anymore. I should be able to roll a new character, and not have to level him to 70.

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