Legendary Regression?

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I am seeing a couple other posts that seem to be wondering the same thing I am - has the legendary drop rate actually regressed, both for rifts and Kadala? I don't think there is any way, outside of Blizz, to track this, but I have been seeing far fewer legs over the last few days.

Secret nerf?
I know that it can feel like drop rates are being changed when you have experienced a streak of good or bad luck, but it simply isn't the case. We gain nothing positive by influencing drop rates without communicating it, and would only lose trust as a result. Simply put, it's not what we do.

Streaks of bad luck are going to happen, and we all go through them. The danger (and why the thread is locked) lies in the spread of misinformation, which in turn can inspire players to alter their in-game habits in ways that actually have no influence over what items they find.

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