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A sincere thanks to Harry in my clan. I jumped out of a hard core game to switch over to a SC T3 Rift run - after about an hour of play the server disconnected. Harry - You Saved Me :)

There it goes.....
yes me and all my friends just got booted from the Australian server...all in t2 and we all were booted and now waiting in a cue to get back on
Yeah wtf is going on.

Can't even authenticate.

Queues? Last I checked there weren't many of us...
Just got my first disconnect as well, and queuing..

Oddly the two other people in my house didn't get disconnected.
Back in and the T6 rift I was in didn't even get saved.

Thanks Blizzard~!
Not sure what is going on atm. Wild Star was getting DDOSed about an hour ago, maybe the people doing that switched to, but honestly dunno just a guess.

It's being looked into already though all. Know that's not much but it is.
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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'
Lucky you. I lost my hardcore wizard fighting Odeg (who is still appearing in non-torment games) when it happened.

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