Looking for Kiwi Expats in Aus: Clan "NZE"

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Hey people, let me introduce myself. I am Wabbit, a Kiwi expat currently living in Australia. I have recently been playing RoS and have noticed a lot of kiwis playing from Aus. So I decided to leave my clan to create a new clan for us fellow kiwis to get together.
So if you guys are looking for a clan to join it is called "NZ Expat in Aus HC". Tag is "NZE".
Its not exclusively hardcore but that is what I only play so I thought I'd try focus it to that community. Also some of you Aussies can join too but just accept the fact we are better at rugby than you guys, union and league. We won the world cup and the majority of your top league players are kiwis right? (eeek I sense some retaliation from some aussies). Anyways hope to see some of you guys team up for some NZE rifts :-)

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