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as a slower player and after being away from the game for awhile its frustrating that all the clans I can find in aus/nz all want high torment players when I am still playin normal diff and have no toons at lvl 70 yet ........... sigh!!!!

also any dictionary for terms players use on forums?

and now to go play
add me in game devilzdealer#6571, always looking for new people to play with no matter what difficulty or level
best advise i can give to gear up quickly is to farm key fragments doing normal bounties (this is if you have unlocked adventure mode). farm as many key fragments as possible, then join the community "rift it forward" and get shards and gamble til your decently geared
Yeah rifting it forward is awesome and power leveling is also the best way. Can level a character to 70 in a few hours. WAZZ has set up an ANZ RiF (Rift it Forward) community. I've been posting all my RiF's in there as i do them
thanks I have one toon thats doin bounties (crusader) got about 60 rift keys at the moment once I have done a few more bounties I gonna up difficulty and go through the game again because I still make some mistakes

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