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Sometime ago I wrote a letter to your sister Magda in regard to not playing fair during Uber battles. So now its time you and me had a chat.

Since you are supposed to give me those necessary items that would make my toons godly I have some concerns of your true friendship. I battle hordes of monsters, super elites and a guardian to get the essential cash to pay you.

What do you give me in return?
Nada, nuffin. zilch. sweet FA.

What saddens me even more is that the snot nose little adolescent teenager down the road rings me up and says how you gave him such nice apparel in two days. Now I understand that in the past I may not have treated your sister with the respect she did not deserve but really, what gives.

Tell me why you hate me so much because it seems that to get end game gear now you just sit on the lounge waiting for the RIF phone to call so you can give to said above.

Yes I am making fun of this but its such a sad fact of how this game is going now.
Kadala has given me a plethora of great gear YD.

I figure its this, shes jealous of you and Magda's past relationship, you probably hit Magda too hard with your love guns !

Payback is a B#@%h
i feel that pain mate
lately i have been getting the cold shoulder from Kadala.. all i want is a ring on my finger from her... Stone of Jordan in particular..
Keep at it YD. I rolled a pair of Crusader gloves this morning, 9.5CC, 37CD, 7xx STR and 7xx VIT.

Keep at it mate
She gave me an Echoing Fury and that green leafy piece of crap.. in the same (public) game, she gave another player a Wand of Woh. You give and give and give and all she does is take and take and take :(
Kadala has been kind to me of late, much kinder than the game itself. My mask of Jeram has made my WD a lot more competant than she used to be.
She loves my barb and gave him 3 cinder coats in a row, but she hates my crusader... all yellows and blues.
Yep, know her well.

She's been giving me blues and yellows to break down into crafting materials for yonks. Great way to get your hands on those Arcane dusts and crystals you want for crafting.

Very occasionally she gives you a Gold or Green to break down into Forgotten souls. A few more Forgotten souls every now and then would be appreciated.

Are you saying that somebody is actually getting Gold/greens from her that can be used?? The sort that people are after like Tal Rasha's and Marauder set items?

....But, but, that's not supposed to happen, is it?!
06/02/2014 09:31 PMPosted by Asmodeous
Very occasionally she gives you a Gold or Green to break down into Forgotten souls.

I don't know about giving them but if she don't wake up to herself I'll give it her.
Tell her what your name stands for, and then try again 5 minutes later =]
i havent had much love from kadala lately, but the loot drops in game have been my joy. within 2 screen lengths of a rift i collected Danetta's spite & Danetta's revenge. I was amazed.
I have the same feeling since they have increased the blood shards reward...

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