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So a few days ago I began having ideas for a new class for Diablo III. This is all purely what I'd like in a class, and at the moment it is probably really bad (For example, it deals way too much damage and the resource management would be hell) but for a few days work I think it could be potentially good. I've already thought of skills, but I haven't gotten around to passives yet. I am aware there are not enough skills/runes, so at the moment this is all very much just Beta testing. I'd appreciate some constructive criticism on it, though flaming it isn't going to help. It is approx. 3000 words long, so give it a read if you're rich on time, but if not, happy hunting.

A new class for Diablo III involves a Melee class which focuses on dominating the battlefields, not letting enemies have even a chance to strike back. Using a new weapon type called the Lance, the Knight's melee capabilities have extreme range with forward attacks. The reach of most Primary attacks are far greater than all other Melee classes, but they do not generate very much of the Knight's resources. Secondary Attacks quickly consume Stamina but generate Vigor quickly. Using their Field Commands, Knights can empower allies and weaken their foes. With the aid of Siege Support, great damage can be dealt to foes in packs or even against single opponents. Gear up with Equipment skills which grant self-buffs of various effects, and ravage the battlefields with Prowess and take advantage of combination attacks. Using the attribute of Dexterity, they skillfully use their equipment and evade enemy attacks.

Exclusive Equipment
The Knight's main weapon is the Lance. This weapon may be slow, but the damage dealt makes up for it. The Knight can use this huge spear in one hand in order to utilize its massive length while a Banner is equipped, however it is predominantly a 2-H weapon. The Knight also gains a special Cuirass which has effects specially for the Knight as well as a new unique look. As well as all this, a new offhand is introduced - the Banner. Denoting the Knight's Status is a hand-held banner which improves the damage dealt by their blows and grants them unique abilities.
The Knight can equip all weapons except the following: Class exclusives, Ranged, Staff.

The Primary Resource for the Knight is Stamina. It regenerates quickly, and though only obviously offensive skills use it, it is essential for Vigor generation. The maximum is 100, and it regenerates naturally at 7.5 per second.
The Knight also has a Secondary Resource, Vigor. This is gained through attacking with Primary and Secondary Attacks, however it is slowly lost over time. Vigor is used to call in most skills that the Knight uses. The maximum is 50 and it loses 1 per second after 3 seconds of being idle.

Primary Attacks
Primary skills don't drain Stamina, but only generate a small amount of vigor. Both melee and ranged skills exist for the Knight.

Jab: This attack deals 170% damage to all enemies in a line in front of the character. Generates 1 Vigor.
Rune 1 (Fierce Thrust): Raises damage to 200%, Vigor Generation to 2, and increases range.
Rune 2 (Double Strike): Reduces damage to 140%, but adds an extra attack for 70% damage which lowers enemy defence by 10%.
Rune 3 (Ferocity): Attacks also generate 1 stack of Ferocity. Attack speed increases by 5% for each stack of Ferocity up to 25%. When the 6th stack is generated, all stacks are lost and 5 extra Vigor is gained.
Rune 4 (Combination Attack): Adds 25% chance to do a spinning attack which hits all enemies around the character. Adds 25% chance to do a chopping attack which stuns the target for 1.5 seconds, but is single target.
Rune 5 (Charged Blow): Vastly increases range and increases damage to 300%, but lowers attack speed of Jab by 25%.

Launch: Throw a javelin for 150% weapon damage to a single enemy up to 50 yards away. Generates 2 Vigor.
Rune 1 (Power Throw): Attacks have a 25% chance to stun enemies for 1 second.
Rune 2 (Lightning Javelin): Increases projectile speed by 50% and adds 25% weapon damage as lightning.
Rune 3 (Flaming Spear): Adds 40% weapon damage as fire and the target takes 10% increased damage for 2 seconds.
Rune 4 (Toxic Pike): Adds 60% weapon damage as poison over 4 seconds and has a 10% chance to immobilize the target for 1 second.
Rune 5 (Victory Lance): Enemies 5 yards away are pulled towards the target. Vigor Generation is raised to 3.

Duel: Attack a single enemy up to 10 yards away for 220% weapon damage. Successful attacks raise dodge chance by 5% for 5 seconds. Generates 1 Vigor.
Rune 1 (En guarde): Successful attacks raise dodge chance by 15% for 5 seconds.
Rune 2 (Riposte): Attacking an enemy within 1 second of dodging increases damage to 300% and has a 25% chance to cause bleeding for an additional 100% weapon damage over 5 seconds.
Rune 3 (Taunt): Attacks cause the enemy to focus on you for 3 seconds. Increases Vigor generation to 2.
Rune 4 (Three on One): Extends the attack to hit 3 nearby enemies.
Rune 5 (Unleashed): Damage is increased to 270% and charge towards the target before attacking.

Blade Storm: Rapidly swirl around, attacking all enemies around you for 130% weapon damage. Generates 3 Vigor.
Rune 1 (Brave Edge): Each attack has a 25% chance of provoking enemies for 3 seconds.
Rune 2 (Headstrong): Each attack has a 10% chance to knock enemies back.
Rune 3 (Unyielding): Each attack increases health and armour by 5% for 4 seconds.
Rune 4 (Devastation): After each attack, all enemies explode with lightning, dealing an additional 40% weapon damage to all other enemies within 5 yards.
Rune 5 (Sworn Oath): Increases Vigor generation to 5.

Secondary Attacks
Secondary skills drain Stamina, however generate much more vigor than Primary skills.

Seizing Blast: A concentrated explosion on the target deals 750% weapon damage to all enemies within 15 yards after 2 seconds. Cost is 40 Stamina, generates 20 Vigor. Requires Banner.
Rune 1 (Capture): Enemies hit are rooted for 1 second.
Rune 2 (Take No Prisoners): Enemies hit also burn for an additional 400% weapon damage over 5 seconds.
Rune 3 (Corruption): Instead of a delayed explosion, deal 750% weapon damage as poison to all enemies within 15 yards of the target over 4 seconds.
Rune 4 (Pillage): For every enemy killed by the explosion, gain 5 Vigor.
Rune 5 (Detain): The target enemy is stunned for 2 seconds and the explosion knocks back enemies hit.

Barrage: The targeted area gets barraged by a storm of weaponry, dealing 500% weapon damage per hit. Costs 30 Stamina initially and 20 Stamina to channel. Generates 15 Vigor initially and while channeling, 10.
Rune 1 (Ravage): Attacks have a 5% chance to inflict a bleed for 300% weapon damage over 6 seconds.
Rune 2 (Decay): A barrage of animal carcass' deal 200% weapon damage per hit but leave gaseous residue which deals an additional 25% weapon damage as poison per stack and lasts for 12 seconds.
Rune 3 (Heavy Metal): Bombard with larger weaponry, raising damage to 650% weapon damage.
Rune 4 (Breaker): Reduces the cost to 20 Vigor initially and 15 while channeling.
Rune 5 (Black Steel): Change the barrage from weaponry to black steel pillars which have a much larger radius and have a 10% chance to knock back enemies.

Crushing Strafe: Sidestep the targeted enemy and then strike for 500% weapon damage with a 15% extra critical hit chance. Costs 20 Stamina, Generates 15 Vigor.
Rune 1 (Lunge): Instead of side-stepping, dash to an enemy up to 15 yards away when striking, then dash back to your original position.
Rune 2 (Backstep): Instead of side-stepping, backstep 20 yards from the target.
Rune 3 (Debilitate): Attacks have a 25% chance to poison the target, dealing 450% weapon damage as poison over 8 seconds. Poisoning the same target refreshes the effect. Poisoned enemies move 50% slower.
Rune 4 (Havoc): Crushing Strafe now has a 50% chance to Critically Hit.
Rune 5 (Respite): Vigor Generation is raised to 20 and Stamina drain is lowered to 15.

Earthly Pillar: Strike at the ground, pushing a pillar of stone up underneath nearby enemies for 450% weapon damage and knocking up enemies hit. Costs 25 Stamina, Generates 15 Vigor.
Rune 1 (Thunder Drum): Strike the Thundergod's Drum, summoning a pillar of lightning at a random nearby enemy for 550% weapon damage, stunning enemies hit for 1 second.
Rune 2 (Mighty Strength): The pillar is twice as large.
Rune 3 (Obsidian Pillar): The pillar breaks on impact, spreading lava across the floor dealing 900% weapon damage over 3 seconds.
Rune 4 (Golem): The pillar turns into a hulking earth Golem which hits for 450% weapon damage knocking back enemies and lasts for 5 seconds. Earthly Pillar gains a 10 second cooldown.
Rune 5 (Vanguard): The pillar becomes a finely carved statue which charms enemies hit for 4 seconds rather than knocking them back.

Ravage: Thrust a massive ethereal lance at enemies ahead of you for 750% with a 50% to stun for 1.5 seconds. Cooldown is 10 seconds. Costs 40 Stamina.
Rune 1 (Purge): Vastly increases range, boosting it to 40 yards ahead.
Rune 2 (Slayer): Enemies hit also take 15% more damage for 5 seconds.
Rune 3 (Galant Strike): Increases the stun chance to 100%.
Rune 4 (Grand Felling): Increase the size of the lance and when only 1 enemy is hit, critical hit damage is increased by 100% for the next hit.

Execute: With several sweeping blows, deal 500% weapon damage to all enemies within 20 yards. Damage dealt is increased to 1000% to enemies below 20% health. Cooldown is 20 seconds. Costs 60 Stamina.
Rune 1 (Headsman): Requirement is raised to 30% enemy health.
Rune 2 (Clean Cut): Damage is raised to 750% and 1500%.
Rune 3 (Guillotine): Execute's Critical Hit Chance is raised to 100%.
Rune 4 (Rapture): Enemies slain by Execute release a miasma which deals an additional 50% weapon damage as poison to all enemies within 5 yards.
Rune 5 (Mass Execution): Raises range to 30 yards and decreases cooldown to 15 seconds.

Flurry: Throw a series of rapid strikes in the area ahead of you, striking 10 times dealing 50% weapon damage each strike. For every 15 hits, an extra attack stack is added. If less than 15 enemies are hit, the stacks are lost. Cooldown is 15 seconds. Costs 40 Stamina.
Rune 1 (Vicious): As well as adding an extra strike, hitting 15 enemies increases attack speed (For all attacks) by 5%.
Rune 2 (Steadfast): Flurry can no longer critical, but damage per strike is increased to 125%.
Rune 3 (Iron Shards): Each attack also spreads shards of iron which hit enemies within 5 yards for 25% weapon damage.
Rune 4 (Turbulance): The speed of the flurry incites a gale of wind which knocks back all enemies hit 10 yards after the last strike.

Mounted Assault: Mount a Steed and Joust enemies through to the target location. Enemies hit take 800% weapon damage. Cooldown is 20 seconds. Costs 50 Stamina.
Rune 1 (Legion): Removes the Stamina Cost of Mounted Assault.
Rune 2 (Dragoon): Wielding two lances, knock back all enemies charged through 5 yards as well.
Rune 3 (Griffon Mount): Mount an honourable Griffon, extending the hit range of the assault and reducing the cooldown to 15 seconds.
Rune 4 (Dragon Mount): Mounting a fierce Dragon sets all enemies ablaze for an additional 400% weapon damage as fire over 8 seconds. When the charge is over, an additional explosion takes place, dealing 200% weapon damage as fire to all enemies within 25 yards.

Field Commands
Guard: Readying nearby allies for defence increases all nearby allies' health by 10%. Lasts 10 seconds. Cooldown is 30 seconds. Cost is 15 Vigor. Requires Banner.
Rune 1 (Mobile Defence): Movement Speed is increased by 20% as well.
Rune 2 (Vengeful): Ranged and Melee attackers take 15% more damage.
Rune 3 (Sterner Stuff): Armour is increased by 25%.
Rune 4 (Unmovable): Standing still increases damage and health by a further 10%.
Rune 5 (Totem): Increase all Health Regeneration by 10% as well.

Sabotage: All allied attacks lower enemy defences by 10% for 2 seconds. Lasts 10 seconds. Cooldown is 30 seconds. Cost is 15 Vigor. Requires Banner.
Rune 1 (Kink in the Chain): Attacks also lower enemy speed by 50%.
Rune 2 (Erosion): Magnitude is raised to 25% and duration is increased to 5 seconds.
Rune 3 (Humiliate): Attacks make enemies feel small, reducing their attack by 10% as well.
Rune 4 (Stalking Demise): Attacks cause enemies to lose 5% of their current health per yard they travel.
Rune 5 (Petard): When an ally deals damage, there is a 50% chance the target explodes for 25% weapon damage over 15 yards. Cost is increased to 25 Vigor.

Focus: Preparing the mind for battle increases allies' resource generation by 10% and lowers cooldowns by 5%. Lasts 10 seconds. Cooldown is 30 seconds. Cost is 15 Vigor. Requires Banner.
Rune 1 (Stratagem): Cooldown reduction is increased by 10%.
Rune 2 (Concentration): Resource Generation is increased by 25% and Duration is increased to 15 seconds.
Rune 3 (Resurgance): Removes the cooldown for Focus but increases Vigor cost to 25.
Rune 4 (Insight): For 5 seconds all resource spenders are free.
Rune 5 (Bliss): Ally attacks have a 5% chance to drop health globes.

Pandemonium: War Chaos amongst the ranks adds a 5% chance to inflict a random ailment which lasts for 1 second when damage is dealt. Lasts 10 seconds. Cooldown is 30 seconds. Costs 25 Vigor. Requires Banner.
Rune 1 (Degradation): Each ailment afflicted increases the chance of affliction by 1%.
Rune 2 (Lost Cause): The Fear effect lasts for 10 seconds instead of 1.
Rune 3 (Petrification): The Immobilise effect has lasts for 3 seconds and has an independent 5% chance of appearing.
Rune 4 (Betrayel): The Charm effect lasts for 10 seconds and charmed enemies deal 200% more damage.
Rune 5 (Unending Chaos): Lowers the Vigor cost to 10 Vigor.

Siege Support
Ballista: Construct a Ballista which has 75% of your health, follows you, and fires at nearby foes for 350% weapon damage. Attacks once every 3 seconds and lasts until it is destroyed. AoE is 5 yards. Cooldown is 60 seconds. Physical element. Cost is 35 Vigor.
Rune 1 (Battering Ram): Construct a Battering Ram which has 150% of your health, follows you and seeks nearby enemies, and rams nearby foes for 250% weapon damage knocking them back 4 yards, and has a radius of 5 yards where enemies deal 20% less damage. Attacks once every 3 seconds and lasts until it is destroyed. AoE is 3 yards. Poison element.
Rune 2 (Cannon): Construct a Cannon which has 25% of your health, follows you, and fires at nearby foes for 450% weapon damage in a straight line. Attacks once every 3 seconds and lasts until it is destroyed. Fire element.
Rune 3 (Dual Ballista): Construct two Ballista with 30% of your health, follow you, fire at nearby foes for 300% weapon damage. Attacks once every 3 seconds each and last until they are destroyed. AoE is 5 yards. Lightning element.
Rune 4 (Catapult): Construct a Catapult with 100% of your health, follows you, and fires at nearby foes for 400% weapon damage. The projectile bursts dealing an additional 100% weapon damage to enemies within 12 yards of the initial impact. Attacks once every 4 seconds and lasts until it is destroyed. Initial AoE is 4 yards. Physical element.

Mortar Strike: Call in a massive array of mortar strikes, dealing 1500% weapon damage over 35 yards, leaving a pool of mortar which deals an additional 3000% weapon damage over 15 seconds and slows enemies by 25%. Cooldown is 45 seconds. Fire element. Cost is 30 Vigor.
Rune 1 (Biochemical Warfare): Launch rotting carcases, lowering initial damage to 1250% and DoT to 2500% but allows the damage over time to stack and slows enemies by 50%. Enemies also take 25% more damage for 30 seconds. Poison element.
Rune 2 (Glacial Impact): Projectiles are frozen, dealing 2500% weapon damage and leaving a patch of frost which deals 1000% weapon damage over 10 seconds with a 50% chance to freeze or chill enemies affected. Cold element.
Rune 3 (Maelstrom): Projectiles are electrified, dealing 4000% weapon damage over 25 yards. Cooldown is reduced to 30 seconds. Lightning element.
Rune 4 (Siege Cannoneer): Launch a massive cannon ball dealing 4000% weapon damage over 15 yards, which continues to bounce forward 3 times, losing 1000% per bounce and stunning all it hits for 1 second. Physical element.

Barricade: Raise a barricade which attracts enemy attention and has 500% of your health, lasting for 10 seconds. Cooldown is 30 seconds. Cost is 15 Vigor.
Rune 1 (Palisade): The barricade now deals thorn damage to attackers for 50% of the damage dealt.
Rune 2 (Fortification): Raises the barricade's health to 750%.
Rune 3 (Masonry): Masons repair the barricade 5% per second and the duration is raised to 20 seconds.
Rune 4 (Mountain Gate): Raise a much larger Mountain Gate which can allow allies to pass through.

Armed: Change your weapon to a Masterwork Lance, increasing damage by 15% and adds a 20% chance to block with the parrying dagger for 10 seconds. Cooldown is 30 seconds. Cost is 20 Vigor.
Rune 1 (And Dangerous): Change the weapon to a Two Handed Axe, increasing damage further to 25% but removing increased block chance.
Rune 2 (Impact): Change the weapon to a Mace, adding a 5% chance to knock back enemies 1 yard when damage is dealt.
Rune 3 (Ready): Reduces all other skills' cooldowns by 5 seconds when activated.
Rune 4 (To The Teeth): Changing the Lance to Dual Swords adds a 25% chance to summon a flying weapon when a skill is activated. The weapon attacks for 50% weapon damage and lasts for 5 seconds. (Includes primary and secondary skills)
Rune 5 (Maintenance): Increases duration to 15 seconds.

Impervious: Equip tougher armour, increasing armour rating by 25% but decreasing movement speed by 10% for 10 seconds. Cooldown is 30 seconds. Cost is 20 Vigor.
Rune 1 (Power Struggle): Also increases damage by 10% and adds a 5% chance to immobilise enemies for 1 second.
Rune 2 (Scholar's Raiments): Also decreases cooldowns by 10%.
Rune 3 (Steel Bulwark): Increase armour bonus to 50% but reduces movement speed by 25%.
Rune 4 (Flexible Armour): Wearing armour designed for actions increases attack speed and movement speed by 20% instead of decreasing it.
Rune 5 (Ornate Regalia): Wearing intricately designed armour increases Vigor generation by 200%.

War Supplies: Call in a Supply Crate which has a 50% chance per second to lower cooldowns of allies within 35 yards by 2 seconds. It lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown is 30 seconds. Cost is 15 Vigor.
Rune 1 (Maintenance Gear): Calling in the Supply Crate also repairs all equipment for nearby allies.
Rune 2 (Armoured Guardians): The Supplies also has a 10% chance per second to release an armoured guardian which begins attacking enemies within 35 yards for 100% weapon damage, until the Cache disappears.
Rune 3 (First Aid Kit): The Supplies heals nearby allies for 3% of their maximum health per second.
Rune 4 (Long Term Cache): Increases the duration of the cache to 15 seconds.
Rune 5 (It's a Trap): Calling in the Supply Crate also deploys 6 traps over 35 yards which trigger when enemies contact them, exploding for 130% weapon damage to nearby enemies.

Warmonger: Don ultimate war equipment, increasing attack speed by 50% and replacing the action bar with skills of war. Lasts for 30 seconds, cooldown is 120 seconds. Cost is 50 Vigor.
Rune 1 (Master of Arms): Increases damage by 5% for each enemy killed while in Warmonger for a total of 50% for the remaining duration.
Rune 2 (Arbalest): Changes the primary skill to Launch.
Rune 3 (Commander): Each time a skill is activated, there is a 20% chance to reduce cooldowns of all skills for all allies by 1 second.
Rune 4 (Warlord): Cooldown is decreased to 90 seconds.

So as I said, it's probably way too over powered at the moment and needs a nerfing, but I wanted opinions on where and what needs to be nerfed so that I can keep it in consideration for later. Also note, that I can't be sure if I've finished assigning elements properly to the attacks, but I was aiming mainly for Physical and Poison. The other elements seem to get enough attention in other classes already. Finally, in no way am I implying that this should definitely be a class in Diablo III, this is just something I do as a hobby (Designing ideas for games and modifications for games, etc) so just keep that in mind. Thanks for reading (If anyone got this far) and I hope to see some replies!

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