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I need a solid t6 only clan, no mucking around and fast rifts, who will occasionally farm keys as well.

Prefer the clan to be 18+ and have a teamspeak, and likes to have a joke around.

I run zdps monk and currently gearing JH WD

add me in-game, Ebi#1155
Why don't you join DNA clan with the rest of the clowns & play with 200+ ms lol (i like how they rank their clan through diablo progress) Rofl....
if this is how you treat members who leave your clan due to a lack of proper organisation then i feel sorry for the people staying there, i had no hard feelings but you keep making yourself look stupid the more you post against us ^^

PS - Did join DNA, and they're a top clan for a reason
Not sure how you rate clans but i'm happy to be a non top clan when we run t6 rifts in under 5 minutes. No offence to you & your crew but if they were so good none of you would be in it. Enjoy the self proclaimed no.1 USA super clan.

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