Which weapons should I use and why?

Which weapon goes best with my Monk? A question on the value of various proc's, their coefficients and triggers.

My Monk:

Here's a link to the weapons:

I recently got the shard of hate, seems to trigger every hit, unlike TF, and I wonder if the Posion Nova triggers the proc more often. Unfortunately, it was a lowish damage roll and didn't come with a socket... so yeah...

How much in raw weapons damage is each proc worth? When do much dps does a TF or SoH or even Odyns son need to be better than a 2600 dps h1?

And any suggestions on skills would be welcome.
I think you are already wearing the right weapons if you want to play a lightning build.

SoH + OS is supposedly the best combo for lightning Monks, a close second to that is SoH + WKL. Since your OS is crappy and your WKL is great it will be best to use the WKL with the SoH.

Your SoH is actually pretty decent. I have never found one myself but they say that it would be even worth using if it rolled Int ;)
Is there anywhere I can find more detailed info on weapons proc behaviours and specific stats?

Do things like sweeping wind increase weapon proc chance?

What about item based effects like poison nova?

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