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Hello all,

I just started a new achievements community on the US server, its small now but hopefully it will grow! Feel free to stop by and say hi. The purpose is to help each other with achievements in any way possible whether it be co-op or super unique hunt achievements!

There is currently another larger achievements community run by Hamiltonz #1291 however a disagreement came up with him involving how group invitations should be doled out. An adult disagreement ensued with an unceremonious and unexpected booting of yours truly for breaking rules that are unlisted. It was also stated that I might break rules in the future so it was a preventative measure.

All that is required in my community is to respect others, disagreements are more than welcome! No Minority Report here! Thanks again for stopping by!

CrAzYj #1792
Best achievement community ever, tbh. A non-facist moderator goes a long way...

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