Blizzard is too scared to shut down RiF

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06/11/2014 09:57 AMPosted by jurytime
Cry , how am I crying? Where in my post am I crying? I don't care about RiF, I use RiF and I am a runner most of the time. I am just making a statement. RiF is not how the game was intended to be played so according to the logic used for many of the changes they have made to RoS so far RiF should be shut down, they just wont do it.

So what you are saying is this is a annoying Troll thread and you are bored so instead of talking about real game issues that we have you make a meaningless post to disrupt the forum community even more.

People like you should be banned from the forums.

This is general discussion no? You are the one that sounds like a troll.
06/11/2014 05:09 AMPosted by Abomb247
06/06/2014 10:29 AMPosted by jurytime
Yup! If RiF is shutdown there might be a mass exodus of active players from the game. Its so simple to shutdown

I have one question for you? Why would you shut it down ? How does if hurt or affect anyone ?


When Kadala drop rates are based off it.
Excuse my ignorance, but wtf is RiF?
06/11/2014 10:15 AMPosted by Andromalius
When Kadala drop rates are based off it.

So, let's ask the question... How have Kadala drop rates been changed as a result of RiF?

If Kadala's drops have been negatively impacted because of RiF, then why have they buffed her drops the last two patches? First giving access to torment only items and now increasing her chances at set items.

Bottom line, RiF is clearly not effecting blizzard's changes with Kadala.
What I think I'd like best is if they did these two:

1) Remove rift keys
2) Significantly increase the XP/gold bonus from bounties, and possibly increase drop chances of bounty items or at least equalize the drop rates of each item. Maybe throw in a flawless imperial gem into each bag too.

Rifts for loot, bounties for gold/XP. They are bounties after all.
scared? lmao, that would be nothing for this corporate blizz... are u new here OP?

I wish I had the time to make a list of all the things they have done, changed, nerfed, removed, changed, nerfed, removed.... etc, etc... that infuriated the masses and they just didnt care...

this blizz is fearless
06/11/2014 10:59 AMPosted by DISP4TER
Excuse my ignorance, but wtf is RiF?

It's a community called Rift it Forward.

The basic idea is that people, who run rifts, call in community chat, when the boss has spawned. Then one of the people, who joined for the kill, has to open the next rift according to whatever rules the rift host set in his announcement message.

The runners get to run rifts all day without spending any keys.
The joiners get a lot more shards for they keys than they normally would.
And since the damn Kadala is the only mechanic in the game that allows you to target an item you need (by picking a slot), it is a very effective to farm shards that way, if you know which games to join so you have a very low chance to be the opener.
It's a funny community where you know great people and enjoy great partys.

Wait, i'm confused, people dont want a friendly gaming, only want legs, maybe that's why is the most popular community
06/06/2014 10:36 AMPosted by Lollz
06/06/2014 10:32 AMPosted by KTap
RiF will be getting toned down, it's too popular and efficient not to.

It's not that efficient. The chat is unbelievably dead, so you can sit there waiting 2-3 minutes to get one invite to a T2 game. Is getting one RG kill on T2 every 5 minutes really more efficient than clearing an entire T6 rift in an organized group in 6-7 minutes?

It's not. People are stupid, and will continue to think they are doing the most efficient thing in the game, when they are really just handicapping themselves.

In the past week I've constantly thought, okay I'll join RiF because I'll get shards faster than I would rifting myself, or with Randoms. After 10 minutes it's clear that it's too slow.

The only real benefit of RiF is for me to get a free open. But Most people sympathize with the person who uses RiF to avoid bounites. The "leachers" are the hated group.

so u think doing t6 will get u a full set faster then RIF? u must not have ever done it before.

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