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I, like most others, have about a stash tab full of leg crafting mats, and I'm just wondering with the new patch, can I sell ALL of them? Or are there certain ones which are still req for crafting? For example are they no longer req for legs but still req for sets or specific legs and sets etc
As the patch stated, you will no longer require them. Also certain mats have a higher sell price then others, the mat from Hulk like unique monsters sells for quite a bit compared to the others.

Those Legs which have unique abilities (orange text) will cost additional Death's Breath compared to pre-patch.
Sounds like I got me some sweet cash then :)
And to think I was saving up all those adventurers journals for something after all lol
Yeah, I've got some mixed feelings about this patch. I don't mind the idea of killing specific monsters to get specific mats, but it can also sometimes be a real PITA if the RNG goes against you. Like running Thrum and Rockgut quests 11 times (out of close to 100 reloads) to get 2 shattered core mats which yielded a subpar Devastator. Not gonna miss that. But at the same time, I feel that crafting just got a whole lot too easier. Maybe something in between would be a sweet spot . . .
Yeah I was thinking about this earlier.
What I came up with was not perfect but certainly different.

Why not have the rare elite monsters that drop the crafting mats randomly appear in rifts that are created in that act.

E.G open up a rift in act 2, theres a random % chance that maghda spawns in rift with a higher % chance to drop the crafting mat (tormented soul)

You could still farm for her exclusivly but the odds of it dropping wouldn't be as high.

I know this might make players pigeonholed into doing rifts, but I guess now it doesnt matter :)
so all those adventurer journals are actually worth something now!!!
they missed a line in the patch notes:

"we also made picking up/salvaging blues/yellows is 10x more important/annoying."

i have 10,000 death breath, 20,000 white mat, 1,000 souls. 0 blue/yellow.

its called balance blizzard google it.

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