any Tal Rasha's set users out there?

Hi all !

This thread are for Wizard users who benefit from the complete-piece bonus of Tal Rasha's Elements.

I would like to know your feedbacks/ observations from your own builds.

Send a link. I'd like to study more assortment of builds. However, mine could be limited as I can only play with the items and gear that the game provides me. Luck and generous party-friends aside, I can only share so much/ so little.

Having said all that, I have been experimenting on several builds. [Blackthorne,s, Born's, Aughild's - All Disintegrate oriented arcane wiz builds; with Moonlight Ward ammy's , Arcane SOJ, arcane Andy's, Triumvirate, etc.] - some builds I tried experimenting on got me comfortably to T4/T5.

Note that I still don't have some key items for my (SC) Wiz Tal Rasha's Elements user; i.e. better ring/s, better ammy roll, etc.

I focused on vitality, ehp, and some Lightning element % bonus, a bit of Cooldown Reduc for Pure Power Archoning expeditions! It gets the job done, but I have not yet tried to apply this new build of mine to t5/t6. t3-T4 is coming along breezily though.

I originally intended to have a proper Tal's amulet with Lightning element bonus. And, probably an SOJ ring with CD, Lightning element % bonus.

(sighs a bit... I could experiment more if I get the Wand of Woh, Witching Hour - - LoL)
I enjoy using Tal Rasha's even though I know it kinda sucks. Its aesthetically pleasing to the eye I suppose and feels a tad more "wizardly."

I find that the meteors benefit builds that focus on spells like RoF which possess poor aoe capabilities. I find that working in that 4th meteor sometimes proves to be irksome. For instance with one spell like RoF you can with RoF proc ice, rune for MW Ignite and proc fire and use something like TF to proc lightning. That's a pretty swell deal, 3 meteors for 1 button press. However getting that 4th meteor usually involves speccing into a separate ability which oft times clashes directly with %elemental buffs which also means doing less damage since you're not using your main spell 100% of the time.

I tend to feel the same way about EE as well since the same problems with Tal's sort of ties in with that passive as well.
I use Tals (not showing right now). I've tried a mirror ball version and a non mirror all version.

One thing that was nice is I had meteor damage on my helm, boots and orb. That was a very significant increase.

I procced all of them very easily. I would use glacial spike, cannoneer, thunderfury and scorch. Yes, arcane orb, scorch. The glacials allowed me to freeze foes for more scorch tics. Cannoneer is quite powerful, dealing 240% damage for free.

My meteors were hitting for about 15-20 million, depending on the type. Spike about 4 mil a crit, same for cannoneer. I was doing t4 comfortably.
I started using the set when I saw mansons mirror/mirror build. I looked like a lot of fun and when I tried it out it is very fun indeed. I don't have the same build due to drops of course but it's fun nonetheless. Also the mirror images have saved me tons of times. :D

Here's a link to the thread if you want to check it out:
I use Tal + Woh combination to spice up the animations. Just seeing explosive blasts is kinda bland for me. Hehe
Tal's is kinda fun. My Templar drops 3 meteors himself, with the 4th from me. Full 20% EE most of the time. =)
I'm using tal set and doing t6 comfortably without a unity. The attack speed from the chest 5% damage and 100ar are a nice bonus and the set fits in nicely with EE
I feel like Tals works best when you have the ability to get two or three of the meteors for free, i.e. from legendary procs/familiar. Otherwise you aren't getting the full benefits of the set. I'm only procing two meteors right now, and the dps increase isn't noticeable at all, I'd gladly drop my Tals helm for an good andy's visage or my tals source for a good triumvirate.
Was using Tal set on my fire wiz before and hard to fit as I cant find a rorg. Now using on my 2nd wiz, I am using him to try out diff builds as I stashed a good amount of wiz stuffs, cant bear to salvage them. Procs most of the time, thunder from my TF, fire from my sparkflint, arcane from my blade or BH, and ice from my templar's Azurewrath, now I experimenting ice armor instead of energy.

Btw, does SOH even proc now after the 'bug fix'. I was trying it with glacial spike and I dun see the skull at all. Using electro also didnt see any procs. Or my graphics output I set it low that i cant see?
I stopped using the full Tal's set and was able to jump from t4-5 to t6. The biggest problems were incorporating different elements detracted from my overall usefulness and the only meteor I could discern the damage of was that which I had element bonuses for.
Maybe there's a viable build using element exposure and meteor buffs on equipment.
It was annoying in conjunction with arcane dynamo, because meteors would consume my flashes of insight.
I have Vyr's and Firebird's, but neither is very good. Gearing CDR is just too painful.
WD's have Jade Harvester, barbs have Might of the Earth, monks have exploding palm, etc. There doesn't seem to be a comparably OP wizard build. Am I wrong?
For a wizard, my single target damage is awesome, especially since I have geared enough toughness to almost never die. But then other classes come along with half my profile DPS and mobs melt away before them.
Here is a build I been trying with Tal's 4pc set and Serpent's Sparker pluse TnT.!ZRWV!cZYccZ

It's my Stun/Freeze tank build.

It's able to heavly benfite from 2x15% belt/pants Elecrocute's 2x15% Hydra's Shoulders and Chest and 2x15% Meteor's from head and feet. I opted for 1x15% Faimlar on off-hand.

Plan on changing from Arc Lighting to Forked when I get a Velvet Camaral and Wyrdward.

Stack Lighting dmg were you can. Lighting spells realy pack a punch but all your spells realy do when you got +30% to spell dmg on every spell but Familar and that even has a +15%. Then dont for get EE and Cold Blood are going to inc all your dmg by another 30%. And Tal's do's add another 5% dmg for all. So were talking like 65% for all spells but Familar and that's still geting boosted by 50%.

So even your non-lighting spells hit fairly hard depending on your gear and Tal's realy shines for me with this build.

Now I know your going why Hydra's there so bad. But there not bad in this build. True still no proc's but this bad boys give this build something it realy lacks.

Single targer dps. Even more true when I change to fork from Arc.

Remeaber all Lighting spells are getting that 65% dmg boost pluse another atleast another 30-40% lighting dmg from bracers and Amulet.

Lets see. Lighting Hydra's have 3 heads each head dealing 138% dmg x 3 = 414% and I belive they atk once per sec. So that's easly 414% dmg per sec for 1 but I get two for 828% per sec. But the fun don't stop I have TnT for another 80-100% attack speed. Lets say were lucky and have the 100%. That's twice the attacks per sec do 828%x2=1656% dmg per sec single target right were I need it most in this build. And cheap on the AP for more Blizzards for freezing and EE.

Edit: I also did this build around some of are most underdog skills like Blizzard and Hydra becouse there both iconic and have some Realy cool animations. At least I think there cool to watch. And I belive this is one of the more usefull builds for t6 were Wiz fills the role of both Buff god with 30% dmg inc for all all the time but also CC stun/Freeze God.

And I have amazonly found that groups are easly trained to attack were I place the Blizzared. So I am kind of a commander ponting out the way. :)
06/07/2014 07:14 PMPosted by Llonio
I enjoy using Tal Rasha's even though I know it kinda sucks. Its aesthetically pleasing to the eye I suppose and feels a tad more "wizardly."

- - "sucks": is kind of a strong/derogatory term, but I agree with the aesthetics of it all !! Probably, getting bonuses for Meteor damages are a must. I think I am most comfortable with a melee TaL build. Right now, Freezing mobs or e's putting them into place and/or Blackholing them would give control for me. Electrocute (since I was only able to pull off Lightning elemental %bonuses) plays somewhat a better option for myself. Then the Fire Walker boots trigger the volleys of small fire meteors. Archon for the win.

I've yet to scratch the surface so Im gonna have to stick with this build for awhile.

I wonder if devs use the Tals for their wizzies . . .
May not be the best, but I enjoy my 4pc tal's. Even if it is more on the aesthetic side!
I'm sad I can't use my Tal's with my current setup, I just can't figure out how to fit in that last piece and start dropping neato looking meteors again... If only I could find that damnable amulet, but it eluded me in 1.01-2.03 as well, no reason I should find it now.
I've been using the full set bonus ever since I got them...
Its well worth it since I can proc all four meteors even though I'm a fire build...
Fire - MM/meteor shower
Lightning - TF proc
Arcane - Blackhole / weapon damage
Cold - follower's azurewrath

When in group I switch to ice familiar

Ohhh and it also synergises well with EE passive..
I use tal set just because it stacks nice with vyr pieces en RoRG.
I know I should not use schock pulse/explosive bolts but I wanted to test the meteor dmg and since I'm not able to roll cold dmg on my TF I used this for couple of days.
Heck and after rolling max fire dmg on it why should I :)

switch back to an arcane signature again cause its not viable for that 1 cold meteor once every 8 secs.

I'm still struggling to go T5 fast or T6 whitout dieing.
I played as fire frozen orb arcane and now getting archon together. I know I'm between arcane and archon now but working on some cdr gear. current build does not make sense and does t4 at max only.
Got vyr, tal, firebird crimson, aughild, good rorg every type of soj its just hard to find that push that brings me to T6...
I'm running a no CDR variant of Manson's mirror/mirror build. Comet replaces molten to give you something to spend your AP on. You can keep frost nova or switch it for teleport like I have and get illusionist in the mix.
I actually love this set, T-5 fine and getting my death count down in T-6 to about 3 when im not doing dumb moves.:) Triumverate for my off hand, I proc all 4 meteors with no problem, I could use more diversity in my plus skill to increase different elements but when i get the tals belt it will be a better option for my build as i have more options from my stash.

Keep on Legging
My current build works good for T5 group play, Vyrs + Tals combo is quite nice along with a MM and im arcane based!

I always proc 3 meteors and use Arcane dynamo to further increase the DPS of the meteors to around 25-30mill crits
and always have 20% Ele exposure stacks up at all times due to having Tfury with cold dmg.

Now if I could just find an SoJ / better Vyr Gloves and a Moon Light Ward I think ill be fine.

Oh forgot to say I also use 50% CDR

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