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If you don't want to read why I wrote this feel free to skip ahead to the title/story. It is "The Adventures of Loki -Demon Hunter-".

Recently, I purchased a typewriter from 1953 at a garage sale (Remington Miracle Tab Quiet-Riter). I love to write, and prefer using either fountain pens, or typewriters. Nothing compares to the old-fashion feel for me. In order to make sure that it functions properly I decided to make a run at writing a quick story. Normally I prefer to do nothing but original content, but I've been playing a lot of D3 lately. Demon Hunter on my mind, I went ahead and started with a brief intro for my Hunter. I hope you enjoy!

The Adventures of Loki
-Demon Hunter-

Water ran in steady streams past the leather clad boots, worn by battles untold. Stepping slowly through the light rain, a cloaked figure emerged on the muddy path. Consumed so by a troubled past, it was as if a dark cloud of ill-fortune shrouded him.

Five yards to his left, a slight grown was emitted by a walking corpse, freshly gorged from it's latest victim. A brief movement so subtle, it would be unseen to all but the keenest eyes, sealed the fate of the flesh eater. Silently, through the air, a small arrow soared finding it's target surely. The corpse fell to the earth as the Demon Hunter moved on, stride unbroken.

Just past the curved road, he heard screams erupting from town guards. His gait remained unchanged, he knew he had found his destination. The ill-fated town of New Tristram, now under siege by a similar menace that had destroyed it's predecessor. Clearing the bend he seemed undaunted by the horror before him. Guardsmen fighting desperately against the undead horde.

Finally, the faintest hint of emotion flickered in his eyes. Hardly detectable with his cool exterior intact, it belied the tempest raging within. The Hunter would get what he sought in this journey. Quickly, his cloak opened exposing the two hand crossbows clutched in his nimble hands.

"Vengeance!" He cried out, opening fire. The onslaught of arrows was too fast, overwhelming the undead. Their corpses collapsing to the ground. The stench from open wounds on the already decaying bodies filled the air, causing several of the guardsmen to lose their composure as well as their most recent meals.

"Who are you?" Asked the Captain, confused but grateful for the help from what looked like a weary vagabond.

"I am Loki." The Hunter replied calmly, walking past the Captain to the gates of New Tristram. "I am here to rid this town of the evil seeking to plague it."

*** End ***

I may expand on this just for fun, and post it more if the feedback supports the idea. Please let me know what you think. Sorry about grammatical and punctuation errors.

Trying to following the way the game goes, but I haven't played the beginning with the Demon Hunter for a while so that may be a bit off.

While I don't think this violates any of the posting policies, if it does then please tell me. I'll delete it if that's the case, as I have no intention of violating anything by posting this.
Not bad :).

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