Bounties Rewards from ACT I

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I have completed 1250 bounties in the past week and have only gotten 2 leg items from it, has the drop rate dropped that much or do i simply just have NO luck.. Where as my partner goes on and gets a leg almost every 3rd or 4th loot.. I have no idea what is going on...
I feel your pain RNG it took three days , I mean 8hrs to get one for my monk. wd took 5 hrs.

monk i got on a t3 , wd on normal. Normal is always full of ppl doing that and is quick for a 50% loss of magic find
Problem here i think is the chance drop. If the game spec is correct, should it not be the same for everyone and not set to certain standards for each person.. if its a boost i sure cannot see it.. I have done well over 100 bounties in t1 and t2 with no luck either... so i jumped onto another pc i have here and bam instand ring and legs but go back onto my actual pc and same problem

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