New rift, new playstyle, laddersystem!

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What if you made a rift like this:

Endless rifts.
you enter level 1 (smaller rift) then you kill a few pack of elites and then a rift guardian has to be killed before entering lvl 2.

in level 2 the mobs will be better, same procedure, kill trash, few pack of elites and a guardian to enter level 3.
level 3 same drill over and over again to level 4.

This is the part getting REAL nice:

When as you progress the monsters will be harder to slay.. for this playstyle you will add a LADDER-system, so everyone in europe can see whoever is on the highest rift level and their setup/items..

Im sure this playstyle will call eveyrone back to the computer, trying to getting higest ladder possible, this playstyle will bring life back to diablo.

if you dont agree go play sims!

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