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Sup guys, i've been in the T6 Legit Rifters community for a month or so now and it is primarily made up of US players and continually playing on US servers is starting to suck. When i host a game i get nothing but bloody whinging from our US friends so stuff it, time to create an Australian only rifitng community so that no matter what rifting you're doing you're always on an Australian server.

In before the "Just Rift with your clan."
This community will be great for grabbing that extra 1 or 2 players if there aren't enough interested in your clan. I was thinking of limiting it to higher Torment only players but i'd much rather the community be open so it can thrive with volume. Not everyone is farming Torment 6 so having a vast array of player level won't hurt, if you're looking for 2 more for a Torment 3 Rift just post in the community chat and people who are Torment 3 capable respond, easy, people will very quickly realize if someone they have invited isn't up to par and they can just replace.

So the community is called Aussie Rifters, spread the word, the bigger the better!!!

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