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What's up everyone : )

I have been playing D3 since release and a few friends and I are getting to that point of same sh#t different day but we are still very active online. Our characters are not perfect but we know our sh#t when it comes to D3.
So to get to my point I want to expand our small close friended clan "Titans Of War" and start taking on people that still enjoy or are new to playing D3 and are >
(a) looking for some people to run and farm with.
(b) wouldn't mind some help gearing up there characters with tip's and shared gear threw farming or
(c) you just want to meet more people for more social interaction while playing.
Whatever your reason your most welcome to come hang out and join us for some D3.

Search for us in community's "Titans Of War" if you want and send me a invite request if you are interested. You might have to change language in search filter to one of the 2 English options to find us. English(SEA) I think or leave a message below and I will forward a invite to you.

Good Luck and Happy Farming : )
Hi there, I sent a request!
request sent
request sent!
do you use voice chat?

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