How rare is the WOH!?

Seriously where did you find yours? Kadala? Rift? I have played 1000 hours on rift and no WOH. I guess I have to go Church everyday and pray for RnGesus I guess :(
I guess we're on the same boat here....

P505 and still waiting for it to show up..
1,000 hours, eh?

Today is the 81st day of Reaper of Souls.

So let's say you played for the last 80 days. That's 1,920 hours.

So you're telling me for the last 80 days, you've spent 1,000 out of the 1,920 hours constantly running Nephalem Rifts over and over?

At 1,163,231 lifetime kills, you're averaging less than 1,200 kills per hour running all those Rifts? Considering it takes hundreds and hundreds of kills just to spawn the Rift Guardian—
06/07/2014 04:20 PMPosted by Omrakos
You need to kill enough monsters (999 I believe) for it to reach 100% at which point the guardian will spawn.

Others are saying 450 kills, but that's besides the point. So you're basically running 1+ Rift per hour at the very least or approximately 3 Rifts per hour at most? That's a little inefficient, even for solo.

Also, at Paragon 356, you've gained somewhere in the ballpark of 120 billion EXP. Let's say you started RoS at Paragon 0. In the 1,000 hours you played, you're averaging a mere 120 million EXP per hour. That's about 75% less EXP than what average players can gain per hour. This would mean you're either not doing enough killing/looting (minimizing your chances of dropping a Wand of Woh) or you're not playing at a suitable difficulty level (minimizing your chances of dropping a Wand of Woh).


I'm busting your chops. You'll get one eventually, there's just no telling when.

I started pre-RoS (2.0) around Paragon 250. I didn't find a Wand of Woh (and I was never in a party where a Wand of Woh dropped) until I was Paragon 549.

Here was my tweet marking the event:

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@Jaetch - I'd be okay with not getting a WoH until p600 if it turns out to be as good as the one you got ><
I was shard capped when a guardian died so I ported out and quickly bought 3 1h weaps before the rift closed, 1 of them happened to be Woh. RNG is RNG
You will never find it. Give it up.

It'll only drop once you've given up hope. Until then, keep rubbing that [mirror]ball.
I used to think that Woh drop rate was too low. Then one dropped for me and I realized that the drop rate is perfectly fine and everyone else is just lazy.

Mine was a random drop in a rift... T1 I think. I'm not sure if Kadala is much better given the number of 1h weapons out there.
I don't know about you guys but I want a furnace now.
06/14/2014 04:40 PMPosted by YORI
I don't know about you guys but I want a furnace now.

Don't ever talk about furnace. I salvaged one when I was young and naive.
Got my Woh doing T6 RiFs yesterday with my clan. Started out by dropping wands for me in consecutive rifts and I knew it was coming. First saw a Serpent's Sparker, then a Fragment of Destiny dropped. I followed the trail of wands with a Slorak, Starfire and Chantodo. I was about to give up then I saw the word "wand" on the floor and a stick with a circular head on the floor and I knew my search was over then.
Got my wand of woh 3 days into ROS
Its been smooth sailing then
How rare?

I've never gotten one after 800 hours played.

Then I got the entire Istvan blade set yesterday on my Monk. Yes, both incredibly rare swords dropped yesterday.

Those 2 items along with my Harrington have pushed my monk's DPS above my wiz, and that is depressing.
Yeah RNG is RNG. My wizard I've been playing the most since I've come back. I keep finding the same items:

some stupid ring that haunts people and tyraels might (so many of those).

I log onto my demon hunter and this happens in 2 days:

2/2 Danetta same day, 5/6 Marauder, almost perfect ring of royal grandeur: 455 dex, 6 IAS, 50 CD natural, still rerolling the CC at the moment. Also have a near perfect unity and stone of jordan as well.

But can, I get a stone of jordan, cindercoat, pride's fall or anything like that on my wizard? Do have 4 preety nice pieces of firebird, just cant use them at the moment - praying that firebird buff doesn't suck.
I've played my wizard a little under 35 hours since hitting 70 and it dropped from a random vase and it's not the best roll. (But a crappy WoW beats no WoW, I guess.)

That said, I'm not terribly impressed. You basically need to change your entire build and playstyle to accommodate for it, which I did yesterday. Sure running around going boom boom boom is cool and all, but it's boring as hell. I'm looking for alternate ways to incorporate the WoW before I throw it in the stash and move on.
06/15/2014 09:18 AMPosted by JS22
I'm looking for alternate ways to incorporate the WoW before I throw it in the stash and move on.

@ JS22, look no further ....

06/15/2014 09:18 AMPosted by JS22
I'm not terribly impressed.

Before posting stuff like this, I'd recommend playing the build a bit ... Figure on an upgrade coming every few days until the build really comes together ... like any other build.

Ive had mine for not quite a month and still have much room for improvement, but can roll T5 like Sherman through Georgia. T6 ... well thats another story ...
06/14/2014 07:44 AMPosted by Jaetch
I started pre-RoS (2.0) around Paragon 250. I didn't find a Wand of Woh (and I was never in a party where a Wand of Woh dropped) until I was Paragon 549.

oh please... started ros with 170 paragon.. now i am 645P. played 1200h with wiz, spend 95k shards.. still no wand of woh..
I'm assuming I should get comfortable with my current weapon, being a newbie player and all, there's no way I'll see a WoH or Thunderfury for the long term at least. Its fine with me, I'll just try to get cozy up with some elite friendly players willing to take me along on some grand adventure above and beyond my means which is anything past torment 1.
The rarity of WoW is, dare I say, EPIC.

That being said, I found mine off a trash spider at low 100's Plevel.

I haven't put a socket in it yet. If I ever get the socket gift, that will be the first item I use it on. Mine is on Tarja, if you look at my profile.
I got 3, it drops like candy.
Still looking for mine. Not sure how many ROS hours, but my wizard was highest among my toons with a 50's paragon level when ROS came out.

Did finally get a serpent sparker to drop so I can run a Hydra build at least.

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