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Hi, I disconnect sometimes and then receive this error when I successfully relogin

Unable to join channel. You have joined the maximum number of this channel type. (Code 10017)

Before disconnecting, I was connected to 4 community channels, and the clan channel

The problem goes away after a while (my guess is one of the channels eventually gets timed out and automatically disconnects the 'ghost user' who failed to leave the channel when i disconnected)

also, why doesnt 'keep me logged in' work on the website?

the channel that I'm stuck on is NOT a community channel as this is happening without any community channels connected when I am dc'd
Did anyone find the fix to this problem? I am having this problem now.
same here! it happen when i join a very lagged game and it wouldn't let me leave the game. i had to restart my comp. and whenever i log back in i cant not create or join games due to this error. can someone please help.
I meet the same problem! error 10017. I tried to log in the game use another computer. also error 10017. need help to solve it.
It happens to me every time I d/c and log back in.
I have been locked out of my account due to error 10017 since Wednesday. Customer support says there is nothing they can do.
I'm seeing the same 10017 code.

The other day I was constantly getting disconnected. It was happening every few minutes. After I cleared the directory in program data it seemed fine.

Then today I received the 10017 error. I haven't been able to join or start a game since. I'm able to log in, but as soon as I try to join or start a game I get this error. It seems like the server thinks I'm still in the game that I was disconnected from so it's not letting me join any games.
Still unable to play. Coming up on my third week.

Were you able to play on the EU region when you tried? It looks like you made a character there on 6/25/14.

Do you recall what all you've tried so far on your end to resolve it? I know we've reset the account here which is about all we can do. The issue is still under investigation unfortunately and they haven't come up with any workarounds yet. Most people this affects are able to play a little while after being disconnected once the game they were in closes out. For those that it keeps going for, server resets like when we perform maintenance has always cleared it. I've not seen one this persistent before.

I'm available in the forums Tuesday - Friday, 11 am - 8 pm Pacific Time
Saturday 10 am - 7 pm Pacific Time
Feedback? -
Also just got this. Was in a rift, died fighting rift guardian and got resurrected. Clicked accept resurrection and it did nothing. Disconnected me to lobby, rejoined game and tried to port to another player to retrieve loot but someone closed the rift so it instantly ported me out. I was able to use the chat throughout the disconnect and rejoining. Proceeded to do another rift then after that was done I left and changed characters but now cannot create a game (error code 10017).

I relogged into bnet from the launcher, changed the difficulty and tried making a game. The bottom said Diablo 3 servers busy then gave a 395000 error code saying there's something wrong with my game license. I tried again and it went back to code 10017.

Afterwards tried switching to a hardcore character and got error code 395002 at first but then let me switch. Now it's back to code 10017. If I try to switch back to softcore it gives me the initial 395002 code then allows me to switch but gives code 10017 again.

I then tried switching to campaign mode on softcore and got the game license error code 395000 again. Tried making another game and back to code 10017.
Thanks for the reply, Omrakos.

When I tried creating the character on EU, it was successful but I didn't try to play in that region. I had some issues logging into other regions initially, but they may have been resolved with server resets.

On my end, I have tried:
1) Logging in from different computer
2) Logging in from different computer on different ISP
3) Powering off cable modem for 5 minutes
4) Restarting my computer
5) Clearing Diablo 3 cache folder
6) Having friends in original game rejoin and disband

I know this affects a small population of users, but if you have confidence that a server resets successfully clear the issue for these users, it would be prudent to do so more frequently- at least during normal maintenance periods (Tuesdays I believe). I don't believe there has been a server reset since I started experiencing this issue.
Im having this problem too. =((((
Same here. When I logged on tonight it asked me to do a update then restart so I did. Then I logged back onto the game and I was unable to join my friends game (just displayed the loading screen the would tell me the client had been disconnected). I started a solo game and that worked so then I re-joined my friends game again and it loaded ok. I exited the game not the party and swapped to my WD then resumed and then I received an error message after a while of playing that the client had been disconnected. Tried to log back on and now getting this error 10017.

Not sure what's going on.
Fix this please.
I was told this was going to be resolved in a few days last week but still not resolved yet. Now at one month mark and still can't play.
FIX 10017 ! ! ! !

Sometimes it lets me play but still get this error a lot .
Same happened to me for the first time. I DC'd, then resumed to game, DC'd again and then my character logged out. After that it has been all 10017 and the servers have been thinking that my character is still in the game. This whole issue is probably due to measures taken against dupers when planning this game, but I rly hope that there is a way to overcome this obstacle other than reseting servers once a week...

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