Datamined List of Legendary Gems

Sad.. no CDR gems! heh
06/26/2014 08:12 PMPosted by Davlok
Sad.. no CDR gems! heh

the ias gem also gives CDR, perfect for zDPS

I'm curious which of these will be good on followers actually.

the reduce enemy movement speed aura looks solid. And the poison + mini conduit gems look solid on a buriza multishot scoundrel.
After seeing this list, I can combine the Gem of Increased Damage against CCed Enemies and Primary Skill Hit Harder to resurrect my v1 build in Cold form. Especially with Bastion's Revered getting 10 Stacks of Frenzy (I used Skorn back in v1).

The 3rd gem that can help me is Gem of Deep Wounds if Rend counts as a bleed effect.
That are all possible gems?
Whats about all the proc causing gems i heard of?
Is there another list of newer gems?

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