Any update on delayed loot drops?

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Here's the "tl;dr" up front:

Is there any new information about the delayed loot drops?

According to the latest update in the sticky thread, the QA Team has been unable to reproduce the problem. I've taken a shot at troubleshooting this issue, so maybe some of this information could be helpful:

1) I was able to rule out any possible server-side or network-related causes. When there is a delayed drop, you can always see the item "pop out" of the monster immediately; after some delay, it finally appears on the ground as a clickable object. To isolate this as a client-side issue, I firewalled off port 1119 immediately after a monster died. Even with network communication blocked, the item still appeared on the ground several seconds later.

2) If there is already another item of the same kind (for example, another Death's Breath) on the ground and in view, the loot drop is never delayed.

3) The lower the FPS, the more severe the delays. I tested this as low as 8 FPS (by reducing the FPS limits in the D3 video settings), and measured delays in the 40-60 second range.

4) You can reproduce this by dropping a Death's Breath from your inventory. It doesn't have to be loot from a monster.

5) It helps to run around the map for a while before attempting to reproduce the issue. Maybe running across the map causes the graphics to be unloaded?

6) If all else fails, try a different rift level. Some seem to be worse than others.

Here's a video I made demonstrating a 40 second delay after dropping a Death's Breath from my inventory, with the frame rate limited to 15 FPS foreground, 8 FPS background (I put the window in the background immediately after dropping the item):

If you're still having trouble reproducing this, maybe it's hardware dependent? My graphics card is a Quadro 1000M built into a Dell M4600 laptop.

One caveat, I'm running this through wine on Linux, and do not have a Windows partition to test this on. However given the number of reports, I suspect it affects Windows users as well. I would be thrilled if somebody running Windows can confirm what I have discovered so far.
I confirmed last night that this issue still exists on the 2.1.0 PTR, though my impression was that it happens less frequently because textures seem to be garbage collected much less agressively.

Has the QA team been able to reproduce the issue yet? Is there anything I can do to help?
I noticed the sticky thread was deleted Friday. Is a fix on the way, or has the dev team given up on solving it? It's not mentioned in the known issues list.

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