Has anyone gotten Frostburn Gauntlets?

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06/24/2014 06:50 PMPosted by Lannister
Frostburns aren't very good, yes they are rare but they have almost no effect on elites whatsoever due to their insane 99% cc reduction. I tried running with fjord cutter, frostburns, cold leakquake and all cold skills and didn't cc elites much more than what coldquake was already doing.

If you could freeze and CC elites at the % that FB give, it would be completely broken. Even still, they are good gloves, but shouldn't be any more rare then magefists.
I got 2 pair and kept the good ones. Still havent had a use for them yet...
I have two, and zero tasker and theo.
Kadala gave me 2 and 2 tasker also for my monk before giving any Thunder Raiment monk set gloves :D

Never seen them drop for myself outside of Kadala's magic realm (at 461para now, 800 hours gameplay in ROS)

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